Critical Solutions International (CSI), an AirBoss Defense Group (ADG) company, has secured a two-year extension to the Husky long-term contract from the Army Contracting Command Warren.

The extension will add two years of ordering options to the base contract, originally awarded in March 2017.

The move is expected to enable foreign military sales (FMS) customers to obtain protected payloads, spare parts, as well as training support for Husky 2G C-IED vehicle system.

The Husky 2G is a mine detection vehicle, which uses radar and sensor systems for countermine operations and non-conventional explosive detection missions.

Over the extended period, the contact is expected to generate sales of around $35.6m.

Under the $132m base contract, CSI delivered 41 Husky 2G vehicle systems with associated protected payloads to include 360° cameras, Interrogation Arms, Ground Penetrating Radar, Self-Defense Remote Weapon Stations (SDRWS) and RPG Nets.

Several FMS customers have procured these mine detection vehicles under this programme.

Under the US-backed Building Partner Capacity (BPC) initiatives, Husky 2G vehicles with protected payloads were also delivered to Ukraine and Iraq as a part of the Global Train and Equip (GT&E) and Counter-ISIS Train and Equip Fund (CTEF) programmes.

AirBoss Defense Group CEO Patrick Callahan said: “Our company is incredibly proud of all that we have accomplished executing on the Husky long-term contract over the last three years.

“This extension is a testament to the US Government’s commitment to supporting our international customers with the most advanced route clearance package available.

“International demand for adaptive route clearance and C-IED capabilities continues to grow. This contract extension allows for a streamlined acquisition process for ADG to continue providing solutions to our customers’ global needs.”

Initial demand to support follow-on requirements, as well as new capability requirements are planned for next year.

The contract work will be carried out at ADG’s Charleston, South Carolina, location, while the two-year extension will end in September 2022.