Aviation Blade Services (ABS) has secured an inspection and repair contract to support the maintenance of Colombian Army Aviation Battalion’s UH-60 rotorcraft fleet.

The company was selected by the Colombian Ministry of Defense for UH-60 main rotor blade maintenance services.

The contract marks the latest international order for Aviation Blade Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of First Aviation Services.

Aviation Blade Services general manager John Brennan said: “We are excited to have won this direct contract with the Colombian Government, having supported the Colombian fleet through various third parties previously.

“This has been a highly competitive process and we appreciate the confidence that the Colombian Army has demonstrated with this award.”

Based in Florida, US, Aviation Blade Services is known for its expertise in the UH-60 Blackhawk rotor blade, as well as delivering rotor blades for other models.

Along with its sister company Piedmont Propulsion Systems, the firm is engaged in making significant investments in facilities, engineering, workforce and inventory to provide the necessary support for the maintenance of S-60 main and tail rotors, hubs, and dynamic components.

Its parent company, First Aviation Services, delivers component repair and overhaul services to the aviation industry.

In October, Colombian military officers, along with their counterparts in Brazil and Peru, participated in the Multinational Forces South (MNFS) Planning in Crisis (PIC) event.

This will be followed by PANAMAX, an important training exercise for US Army South (ARSOUTH). The PANAMAX exercise is rescheduled for February due to Covid-19 pandemic.