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US President Joe Biden has asked US Congress for $33bn to fund military and humanitarian support for Ukraine.

The administration sought $20.4bn to provide additional military assistance to Ukraine and to strengthen European security in cooperation with other NATO allies.

According to a White House statement, the funding is intended to be used to deliver additional artillery, armoured vehicles, and anti-armour and anti-air capabilities to Ukraine.

The proposed package also includes $8.5bn in direct economic aid and $3bn in humanitarian aid for the embattled country.

An administration official was quoted by Jim Garamone, a reporter at the US Department of Defense , as saying: “The assistance includes funds that will allow us to ensure Ukraine has the weapons it needs to wage this fight, replenish our own stockpiles of key systems, help other countries to shift away from a dependence on Russian weapons, enable Ukraine’s government to continue performing basic functions, address food insecurity exacerbated by Russia’s war of aggression, and support Ukrainian refugees and the countries that are providing them sanctuary.”

After signing the request, President Biden also requested the legislators for swift approval of the bill.

If approved, the funding will cover war effort requirements through to the end of the fiscal year in September, Reuters reported.

The US has increased military support for Ukraine after Russian launched an invasion in February. It has rejected the possibility of sending its own troops to the battle fields.

It recently approved $800m worth of military assistance for Ukraine.

The UK has also said that approximately 8,000 British soldiers will participate in exercises designed to combat Russian aggression. Such exercises will be organised in Eastern Europe, The Guardian reported.

Canada has also started training Ukrainian troops to use howitzers, Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand said during a visit to Washington.