BAE Systems has outlined details about two variants of the armoured multi-purpose vehicle (AMPV) developed for the US Army.

The AMPV programme provides next-generation, highly survivable vehicles to the army to replace legacy M113 family of vehicles within the Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT).

In 2014, the army awarded two contract modifications to BAE Systems to begin low-rate initial production of the AMPVs.

The programme will deliver five variants, including command and control, mortar carrier, general-purpose, medical evacuation, and medical treatment.

The two medical variants equipped with improved features will provide a significant capability to treat soldiers on the front lines.

With greater mobility, force protection and on-board power, the Medical Evacuation variant (MEV) and the Medical Treatment variant (MTV) will ensure soldiers receive treatment quickly.

The medical vehicles can go to the front lines to enable rapid response to treat the injured soldiers and move them to safety.

The enhanced strength and manoeuvrability will allow the vehicles to carry out missions on their own without much dependence on other fighting vehicles for protection.

BAE Systems AMPV programme manager Bill Sheehy said: “The ability of the AMPV to get to the front lines with other combat vehicles means the medical variants will give commanders more options on the battlefield to rescue soldiers who are hurt while remaining engaged in the fight.

“From a soldier’s perspective, the army’s investment in the medical vehicles underscores our country’s commitment to ensure soldiers are protected and have the resources to quickly treat and evacuate those injured in battle.”

The company noted that the MEV and MTV will work together to evacuate casualties and treat life-threatening injuries.

BAE Systems AMPV programme manager Ruben Burgos said: “The AMPV medical vehicles are the first that can get right up on the front lines to evacuate soldiers, treat them and get them to safety.”

The firm stated that further details about the AMPV programme would be provided at the ongoing Association of the United States Army (AUSA) exhibition in Washington, DC.