The Australian Army has demonstrated its extensive firepower capability during this year’s Exercise Chong Ju conducted at the army’s Combined Armed Training Centre.

Named after a battle held in North Korea in 1950, Exercise Chong Ju is an annual live-fire training exercise carried out at the Puckapunyal training area in northern Victoria.

Australian Army commander of forces command major general Gus McLachlan said the Chong Ju exercise has revealed the joint power of the latest technology and capability currently deployed by the service.

McLachlan said: “Exercise Chong Ju has featured some of the army’s newest weapons, vehicles and combat systems for the first time.

“This included a static display of the Land 400 combat reconnaissance vehicle (CRV) Boxer, the Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopter, Protected Mobility Light-Hawkei vehicle and unmanned aerial systems.”

“Exercise Chong Ju has featured some of army’s newest weapons, vehicles and combat systems for the first time.”

“Exercise Chong Ju is the army’s largest firepower demonstration and provides our soldiers with an opportunity to train in and experience a live-fire setting, ensuring our soldiers are always prepared for combat operations.”

McLachlan said that the Australian Army is evolving in order to ensure that the soldiers are capable of adapting with the new and advanced technology.

In addition, the army is using the intellectual talent of people to continually develop and deploy a powerful land force that would be ever ready to defend the country and its interests.

During the exercise, the army has also demonstrated the capabilities of its M1A1 Abrams tank, Australian light armoured vehicle (ASLAV), M113 armoured personnel carriers, 81mm mortars and M777 155mm howitzer artillery piece, the Soldier Combat Ensemble, and the battle management systems.