UK-based provider in precision radar turntables Chess Dynamics has secured three orders worth £3.7m ($4.7m) from a global defence and security company, according to a 12 March release.

Under the agreement, Chess Dynamics will provide bespoke radar turntables designed to rotate and stabilise both small radars and large, high-power models. The company’s turntables are used in the development of ground-based and maritime radar systems.

Mark Byfield, VP Strategic Business Development at Chess Dynamics, said: “These orders are a testament to the quality and reliability of our products and the strong relationship we’ve built with our partners over the past two decades. Our core competency in precise motion control ensures the overall radar system delivers enhanced performance and reliability.”

In January, the company’s vehicle surveillance system, Hawkeye MMP, demonstrated an electromagnetic compatibility performance as part of the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency’s (NDMA) Observation Targeting and Surveillance Systems (OTAS) project.

The test following the selection by the NDMA of Chess Dynamics in October 2023 to provide a Category 1 Target Location Error vehicle mounted surveillance system for its OTAS project.

In 2023, Chess Dynamics also signed a strategic partnership with Thailand-based defence procurement company, High-Tech AJ, to provide Thailand’s defence industry with access to defence technology in the land and maritime domains.

Chess Dynamics was acquired by UK defence technology group Cohort in 2018 for a total cash consideration of up to £41.9m.

Military radar market growth

According to GlobalData’s 2023 report The Global Military Radar Market, the sector is anticipated to register a compound annual growth rate of 3.6%, growing from $10.6bn in 2023 to $15.2bn by 2033. The cumulative market for global expenditure on military radar is valued at $144.9bn from 2023-2033.

The market consists of three categories: air radar, land radar and maritime radar, and is expected to be dominated by the air radar segment, which accounts for 41.4% of the market, followed by land radar segment with 35.2% share.

Among geographic segments, North America is projected to dominate the sector with a share of 44.0%, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific, with shares of 22.5% and 21.6%, respectively.