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High-Tech Systems and Components Manufacturing of Military Vehicle Platforms

Menatek Defense Technologies is a high-tech manufacturer of subsystems and components for military vehicle platforms.

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Menatek Defense Technologies is a high-tech manufacturer of systems and components for military vehicle platforms.

Menatek specialises in the production of suspension, brake, running gear, chassis, powertrain, heating, cooling and lubrication components, as well as heavy to light tactical vehicle systems.

Our past experience with a diverse range of components includes vehicle platforms such as main battle tanks (MBT), armoured personnel carriers (APC), infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), advanced re-entry vehicles (ARV), light-armoured vehicles (LAV), multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and self-propelled howitzers, as well as supports our engineering team’s experience expandable to diversified vehicle platforms at any time.

Components and sub-systems for vehicles and systems

Menatek has supplied components and sub-systems for vehicles such as M1 Abrams, Bradley, M109, high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV), M113, M110, M48, M60, Leopard 1 and 2, Puma, K9 Thunder and K10 ARV.

The company specialises in the production of Suspension, Brake, Running Gear, Chassis, Powertrain, Heating and Cooling and Lubrication Components and systems of heavy-to-light tactical vehicles.

Engineering solutions for optimising product realisation

After being established in 1995 and starting off as a spare part supplier for the after-market of the Turkish Army, today Menatek has over 7250 different components in its inventory.

The company has a dedicated core team that composed of highly skilled individuals enabling complicated tasks. They focus on designing special products for military vehicles and high-tech industries. After all, the team has developed the first line of patented, self-lubricating bearings that can be adapted not only to combat vehicles but to various types of heavy wheeled vehicles and trains.

Menatek works with the most capable suppliers around the world, comprising the processes such as; Casting ( sand, investment, shell-mold , and die casting), Forging ( die, aluminum and ring roll forging), Cold Forming ( Deep Drawing, Flow and Roll Forming, Aluminum Extrusion), CNC Machining & Grinding and Gear Manufacturing.

Test unit design and installation for product performance and lifecycle

Menatek designs, manufactures and installs test units for performance and lifecycle tests of components and systems.

According to client demand, the units can be either used by Menatek to verify product performance to be delivered to the customer or they can be installed to client facilities to serve testing multiple products of the same function.

Delivered performance test unit references include engine, transmission, rotary damper, brake system, oil pump and pressure valve.

Delivered cycle test unit references include steering gearbox, hydraulic master cylinder, torsion bar and control arm.

According to client requirements, these test units can be designed as universal modules where the client can verify various types and versions of the same group of item.

About Menatek

Menatek Defense Technologies is the leading high-tech manufacturer and largest supply chain manager of Turkey and the MENA Region. The customer list is consisting of but not limited to international vehicle manufacturers as well as US Army, Turkish Army, NSPA and more.

Utilising 50 years of specialized know-how on heavy to light military vehicles, all types of tactical & combat platforms and its wide range of strategic suppliers; Menatek provides a comprehensive and effortless environment on manufacturing, testing and supplying for its customers.

Menatek specialises in the production of main systems and subsystems which are Suspension, Brake Systems, Running Gear, Powertrain, Hull, Turret & Chassis, Lubrication, Heating-Cooling. One of Menatek’s key speciality is superior supply management skills and high-quality standards. We are proud to say that all products and suppliers get inspected and audited by Menatek Defense Technologies accordingly with it’s ‘MDT Supplier Quality’ Standards.

White Papers


Press Releases

  • Menatek Adds EWS-M Weather Sensor to its Portfolio

    A technology company specialised in main systems and subsystems for vehicles, such as suspensions, brake systems, running gears, powertrains, hulls, turrets and chassis, lubrication, heating-cooling, as well as in armour packages, Menatek Defense Technologies of Turkey is unveiling at Eurosatory the latest product dedicated to military vehicles, its EWS-M Military Type Weather Sensor.

  • Menatek and Dupont Conduct Webinar

    Any truly experienced observer of the armoured vehicle domain knows that the greatest innovations and the technical innovations with game-changing effect are almost invariably hidden from view – either buried in the bewildering array of electronic equipment said vehicles now carry or hidden deep inside the hull and it's myriad systems.

  • Sur Armor Systems Are Ready To Save Lives

    Menatek introduced its new product line, Sur Composite Armor Systems, at the IDEF’19 exhibition. With the introduction of a new lamination technology, exhibited samples attracted great attention from many potential customers and experts in the field.

  • Menatek Achieves Torsion Bar Production Ambition

    Menatek has utilised its expertise and previous experience to develop its torsion bar production capability. With non-stop innovation as a core value, Menatek made vital investments on the design and in-house testing of torsion bars and delivered its first product at the end of 2018.

Products & services

  • Brake Systems

    Menatek manufactures hydraulic brake systems for armoured land vehicles. We can perform various tests and simulations at component and system level to verify endurance and performance of our manufactured products.

  • Lubrication Systems

    Menatek manufactures components for engine and transmission lubrication systems.

  • Powertrain

    Menatek manufactures various components belonging to Powertrain armoured land vehicles.

  • Suspension Systems

    Menatek manufactures linear and rotary suspension systems (mechanical, hydraulic and hydropneumatic) for armoured land vehicles.

  • Running Gear

    From track shoes to final drives and wheels to transfer boxes, Menatek manufactures almost all elements belonging to running gear for tracked and wheeled vehicles.

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