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Military Load Handling Solutions

Established in 1976, HIAB GBO is a dedicated business unit, producing and supporting mechanical handling equipment exclusively for the international military sector.

Government Business Operations,
Cargotec Industrial Park,
Ellesmere, Shropshire,
SY12 9JW,
United Kingdom


Hiab is a world-leading, innovative provider of load handling solutions for the ever-changing logistics environment.

With more than 70 years’ experience in design, development, manufacture and support, Hiab is the leading hydraulic load handling equipment provider with a global reach.

Hiab’s product range includes HIAB loader cranes, MULTILIFT demountables, MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts, JONSERED recycling and forestry cranes and LOGLIFT forestry cranes, as well as DEL, WALTCO and ZEPRO tail lifts.

MULTILIFT truck-mounted demountable systems enhance logistic capability, while reducing vehicle fleet size, manpower and running costs.
‘Multiple missile configuration’ - MULTILIFT demountables provide major cost savings because the requirement for infrequently used specialist vehicles is minimised. If suitable MULTILIFT military demountables can be supplied with a specially developed container handling unit (CHU).
HIAB has teamed up with a number of defence vehicle OEM’s, as well as trailer and body and module manufacturers to supply solutions to most of the logistical challenges faced by modern defence forces.
The HIAB crane, specially developed for recovery vehicles, with a maximum lifting capacity of 24Tm. Can be fitted with crane tip control (CTC) to make a vertical lift without a winch, plus automatic (un-)parking.
The range was developed to load and unload general cargo, pallets, ammunition, fuel cans and has lifting capacities from 7mt up to 11mt.
The HIAB MOFFETT M9 is suited to munitions delivery, helicopter support and fuel delivery. Low working height allows them to manoeuvre in areas where headroom is limited or restricted, such as close to helicopters.
MOFFETT truck-mounted forklifts can be carried on the back of a truck or trailer with no loss of load space. No-waiting for local off-loading equipment allows for a safer, faster and more cost effective load handling solution.
A military MOFFETT can be enlisted within a wide range of military applications. The manoeuvrability and excellent off-road capabilities makes it an ideal machine for operating in front line roles, stores management and attack helicopter support.
Its low overall carriage height and all-wheel drive, provides a unique ability to work inside ISO containers, dramatically increasing efficiency and reducing transport complexities. With a high proportion of front line stores and munitions being supplied in 6m or 12m containers, it allows unloading to take place safely and quickly.

Flexible handling equipment for military vehicles

HIAB GBO, Government Business Operations, established in 1985, is a dedicated business unit that designs, supplies and supports fast, efficient and flexible mechanical handling equipment exclusively for the global military vehicle sector.

Responsiveness to user demand and technical innovation are the key elements in Hiab’s approach in providing world-class solutions to fulfil customer requirements. Hiab Government Business Operations has a proven track record of success and we are committed to provide solutions that meet and exceed the customer needs.

Innovative vehicle loading systems for army vehicles

Today’s payloads are as diverse as human imagination can conceive. This, together with the changing global defence environment and increasing need for readiness for rapid response are demanding increased flexibility, mobility and speed from the supply systems.

Hiab is meeting this challenge by developing innovative and reliable vehicle loading systems for the new generation of logistic vehicles.

Many years of experience and active dialogue with the end users enables Hiab Government Business Operations to both facilitate new designs and adapt existing products to handle existing and upcoming military payload applications.

Industry approved and accredited load handling solutions

Customer and supplier relationships are based on openness and trust that has been built up over many years, leading to the development of an integrated project team that enables the supply of world-leading and modern solutions to defence forces of today.

HIAB GBO has the capability to supply and support its products globally. The company is ISO 9001:2008 approved and 14001 accredited, guaranteeing a procedural approach to meeting customer requirements.

Hiab’s structure provides support for its products in most parts of the world and throughout their service life. Whole life costs are considered from the initial design stage, ensuring a lifelong, cost-effective solution for customers.

White Papers

  • HIAB Cranes Product Brochure

    Hiab’s Cranes have become the natural choice for military crane buyers around the world, who require: proven capability, total support, high equipment reliability. The Hiab’s Cranes product line consists of a number of core model ranges developed to meet the complete spectrum of requirements expected from their challenging role in the military sector.

  • HIAB Military Load Handling Solutions

    With over 60 years experience in the design, development, manufacture and support of hydraulic load handling equipment, Hiab is a world leading, innovative provider of load handling solutions in the ever changing logistics environment.


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Products & services

  • MULTILIFT Demountables

    Hiab’s MULTILIFT demountable load handling systems have a proven track record in rugged military environments, being the first choice in load handling for the next generation of military logistic equipment.

  • HIAB Loader Cranes

    HIAB loader cranes are based on a number of core model ranges specifically developed for the military sector to meet the wide spectrum of requirements in their challenging role.

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