Hiab’s MULTILIFT demountable load handling systems have a proven track record in rugged military environments, being the first choice in load handling for the next generation of military logistic equipment.

Recognised as the most cost-effective way to provide fast and flexible front-line logistic support, the ‘demountable’ concept proved its worth in the Gulf war, where artillery ammunition, multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) rocket pods, fuel and water were all transported in huge quantities on demountables.

MULTILIFT demountables can carry hundreds of ISO containers, loaded with vital stores, from ports to forward areas. MULTILIFT systems have also been deployed on UN humanitarian support missions and see active service in many other operations worldwide.

Payload modules for multiple mission capabilities

The MULTILIFT system contains four essential types of payload modules to facilitate multiple mission capability:

  • Basic flatracks, manufactured to Nat interoperability standard and optimised for the carriage of ammunition or general supplies
  • Basic and special-purpose modules with an integral sub-frame, with command and communication shelters, medical units, fuel racks, water tank containers and other dedicated units
  • Standard ISO 668 20ft (1C and 1CC) freight containers
  • Adaptor pallets that are based on the NATO interface, but carry or include special equipment

The MULTILIFT demountable concept excels in saving time and narrowing logistics work, as it is pre-loaded and stored, which enables the driver to pick up the flatrack, container or body and drives off in less than five minutes.

For interoperability with worldwide partners, MULTILIFT has become a key operational requirement throughout many countries, as well as further afield in Asia, Australia, Africa and South America.