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T.J. Clark International

Fuel Management and Storage Solutions

320 London Road, Suite 608,
Ohio 43015 United States of America

320 London Road, Suite 608,
Ohio 43015 United States of America

FSSP set-up

T.J. Clark International manufactures base camp support equipment for military applications, including expeditionary operations, expeditionary logistics, disaster preparedness and disaster response.

The company supplies tactical fuel and water distribution solutions such as the fuel system supply point (FSSP), which features the trailer or skid-mountable 350 gallons per minute (GPM) / 1,325 liters per minute (LPM) pump system.

Fuel system supply points for refueling vehicles

T.J. Clark International’s FSSP is a forward-operated, large-scale refueling system that can be set-up to store capacities from 120,000 US gallons (USG) to 1.2 million USG (454,250l to 4.5 million litres).

The system comprises the necessary hose systems, pump systems, filter separators, gate valves and storage tanks.

Pump assembly systems for fluid transfer

The 350GPM pumping assembly is designed specifically to transfer fuel or water, and can be transported for short distances using a towing vehicle or can be loaded on a flatbed trailer for long distances.

It consists of an air-cooled, four-cylinder diesel engine and a self-priming centrifugal pump mounted on a two-wheel frame assembly.

An internal fuel tank supplies petrol to the diesel engine, making the equipment completely self-supporting.

Filter separators for treating contaminated fuels

The 350GPM filter separator is designed to remove water and solid matter from contaminated liquid fuels.

Controlled and regulated by flow controls and gauges, the system consists primarily of a welded tank with a removable tank cap that enables easy access to replace the filter elements.

The system is used in conjunction with T.J. Clark International’s other equipment designed for the fueling of military aircraft, vehicles and pipeline systems.

Fuel and water storage tanks

T.J. Clark International provides bladder and tank systems ranging in sizes from 1,000USG to 210,000USG.

The bladders / tanks can function as a standalone unit or be interconnected to operate as a large-scale distribution system such as FSSP.

Forward area refueling equipment (FARE)

The forward area refueling equipment (FARE) is a lightweight, highly mobile, system that is primarily utilized to transfer fuel from 500USG (1,892.5l) collapsible drums to helicopters in forward combat areas. The system is also capable of refueling fixed-wing and ground vehicles.

The FARE features two different fuel nozzles that enable the refueling of aircraft or surface vehicles by either a gravity feed or closed-circuit fuel system.

A 4in x 2in (10.16cm x 5.08cm) adapter extends the equipment pumping ability to dispense fuel from a FSSP.

Forward operating base shelter systems and life support equipment

T.J. Clark International’s team has extensive experience designing, deploying and supporting various shelter / tent systems from forward operating bases to field hospitals.

The company manufactures electric generator sets, electrical distribution systems and HVAC systems.

About T.J. Clark International

Systems manufactured by T.J. Clark International are fully insured for use worldwide.

The company’s team is available 24/7 and ready to deploy on short notice to assist clients in meeting operational readiness requirements with either products or subject matter expertise. The team has served in varying capacities from active duty to civilian adviser roles in more than 40 countries.

T.J. Clark International, LLC

320 London Road, Suite 608


Ohio 43015

United States of America