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VISLINK Surveillance

Digital Video Transmission Solutions for Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Commercial and Military Applications

VISLINK Surveillance provide secure, wireless, video & data communications systems, for worldwide law enforcement and public safety operations.

101 Billerica Avenue, Building 6,
North Billerica, MA,
01862-1256 California,
United States of America

101 Billerica Avenue, Building 6,
North Billerica, MA,
01862-1256 California,
United States of America

VISLINK Surveillance provide secure, wireless, video & data communications systems, for worldwide law enforcement and public safety operations. It sells the products of Advent, Link, MRC and PMR (which was acquired in 2008). It has locations in the US, both East and West coast, the UK, Dubai and Singapore.

Military and Public Satellite Systems

At the core of every mission critical situation, is the need for rapid deployment of highly reliable communications. VISLINK Surveillance understands this need and plays a critical role in supplying systems for military, public safety and satellite telecommunications worldwide.

VISLINK now takes its proven integrated solutions to the next level by incorporating the industry’s most comprehensive law enforcement product portfolio from its leading brands. We provide complete solutions to support interagency sharing and cooperation of mission-critical real-time video surveillance on the ground, in the water and in the air. With thousands of digital microwave radio systems deployed, VISLINK is the de facto standard.

Airborne Surveillance Downlinks

Effective airborne surveillance, forward monitoring and border security all depend on your ability to get real information relayed back and forth in real-time. VISLINK develops each platform by working closely with our customers, finding innovative ways to overcome every issue – be it range, weight, volume or frequency. The result is a powerful system that is as flexible as your fleet. Airborne video surveillance gives you an immediate overview of what needs to be done.

Covert Surveillance Systems

The compact size and mobile characteristics of the VISLINK systems are ideally suited for video collection in sensitive operations. Inherently secure digital transmission capabilities prevent unauthorized interception during surveillance missions. Digital technology is improving communications at all levels of government by incorporating key communications for county, state and federal agencies into covert surveillance. VISLINK’s technology can enable everyone to share and receive standard and high-definition video and data in real-time from multiple locations – allowing them to work more effectively, even in the tightest of situations.

Portable Satcoms

Our satellite technology has proven itself invaluable in every environment on Earth. From the dust and heat of the Persian Gulf to the freezing temperatures of Mount Everest, our highly portable ‘flyaway’ terminals and flexible vehicle-mounted systems are rugged enough to thrive where other communications cannot – guaranteeing you an invaluable link back to the outside world in minutes.

Disaster Recovery Video Communications

VISLINK Surveillance products provide immediate, reliable, and secure video communications under the most challenging environments. In a situation where prepositioned infrastructure is unreliable or unavailable, VISLINK systems can be counted on to provide fast deployment and mobility in the air and on the ground, while assuring a reliable transmission.

Emergency Response / Command Post Video Data Communications

In an environment where situational awareness and tactical decision making are critical elements to a successful operation, VISLINK systems get the video and data you need to make tough decisions fast. Critical image and audio information that is relayed from the incident locale to the command post, allowing mobile decision makers to receive real-time views of unfolding tactical situations.

Wireless Communications for Military Basecamps

The more information sources you can integrate in real-time, the more your teams can co-ordinate, report and plan their actions –

making operations both safer and more effective. VISLINK’s networking technology has been successfully deployed by the US Department of Defense in theaters around the globe. Our wireless solutions instantly turn base camps into high bandwidth hubs with reliable links both into the field and out to the outside world – whatever the local infrastructure or terrain.

Video Transmission Products

The Kamelyon family of video transmission products is built to address the critical needs of the public safety, emergency response, Homeland Security and Defense Department applications. They are rugged, easy to operate and highly efficient.

They are built upon a software-defined radio (SDR) architecture, making in-field upgrades for implementation of additional features possible without the need for a hardware change. All Kamelyon products support multiple modulation schemes for optimal performance and flexibility, advanced encryption algorithms to prevent unlawful interception and various waveform options to support backwards compatibility.

VISLINK V-Net Solutions

Vislink Surveillance is a high-technology engineering and manufacturing company specialising in digital video transmission solutions for law enforcement, homeland security, commercial, and military applications.

VISLINK Surveillance Attends NAB Show New York 2015

VISLINK Surveillance, provider of digital transmission systems for worldwide law enforcement and public safety operations, will showcase its range of military applications at the 2015 NAB Show in New York, US.

Vislink To Launch Expanded Live Broadcast Product Range At NAB 2015

Global provider of broadcast communications equipment Vislink has announced the launch of two new products, the UltraCoder H.265 encoder and FocalPoint reverse camera control unit, in addition to its unique cellular / IP satellite news gathering vehicle at NAB 2015.


101 Billerica Avenue, Building 6

North Billerica, MA



United States of America


27 Maylands Avenue

Hemel Hempstead


United Kingdom