Special Operations Group Australia - Army Technology
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Special Operations Group Australia

Corporate and General Investigation, Consultation and Security Services

PO Box 9106,
Deakin ACT 2600,

SOG Australia was formed to assist private, corporate, government and multi-national entities with the critical need for quality security consulting, investigations, large-scale threat management and protective services.

Our clients range from individual companies to large, multi-national corporations with affiliations to law enforcement and government agencies. SOG Australia is a full service, multi-faceted company with resources to operate internationally.

We are committed to building strong client relations through quality, dependable, and consistent service regardless of location, duration, or difficulty. These values translate to company operations through the hands-on management of the company owners.

Professional investigators for security consulting and protection surfaces

Our professional investigators and protection specialist consist of:

  • Current and former law enforcement officers, both locally and abroad, encompassing a wide range of skills including close personal protection, witness protection, tactical policing, intelligence, criminal investigations, corporate and government sector
  • Current and former military personnel including special forces, SAS, Navy SEALS and US marines
  • Current accredited instructors with H3 group incorporating high risk entry, advanced protective services, close quarter battle, tactical weapons, and defensive tactics, search warrants and field operations

We provide highly trained personnel who are exceptionally disciplined, professional and are proficient team members who work with our clients to ensure successful outcomes.

Corporate, government and private investigations

SOG Australia investigators have, as a minimum qualification, Certificate IV In both government and private investigations, in accordance with the Commonwealth Law Enforcement Board requirements. Our investigators are all former law enforcement and regulatory officers from both state and federal agencies.

SOG Australia can provide a discrete and thorough investigation. We specialise in both intelligence and operational investigations.

Our range of investigative services include:

  • Factual investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Criminal investigations
  • Government investigations
  • Occupational health and safety and psychological
  • Peace of mind investigations
  • Business partnerships
  • Private matters considered

SOG Australia investigators have the ability to undertake any investigation ranging from a minor motor vehicle collision to a protracted fraud investigation. We are able to investigate any matter that requires formal reporting at disciplinary hearings, the administrative appeals tribunals, through to full criminal court proceedings.

SOG Australia specialises and provides expert counsel and advice on all police, corrections, defence and security industry related disciplinary matters. Our senior consultants are current and can assist you with defence and interview preparation coaching and advice for any internal or departmental matters.

Threat and risk management

SOG Australia is primed to evaluate corporate programs ranging from personnel protection and emergency management to disaster and terrorist response plans. Should a system require modification, SOG Australia will provide support in implementing those improvements as requested by the client.

Security consulting services

SOG Australia consultants have a high level of expertise and are chosen from a diverse variety of backgrounds to ensure that they meet you and your company’s needs in regards to your security and safety measure requirements.

Our internationally tier one level trained and accredited consultants are handpicked to ensure that we can offer a world-class service that is second to none. Their skill sets are derived from the following fields, tactical policing and law enforcement, military special forces, intelligence services, commonwealth and federal government investigators, criminal investigators, legal counsel, and the business private sector.

SOG Australia consultants have access to the latest training methods and procedures through its association with numerous

international training authorities, their knowledge and the practical application of their skill sets in their chosen professional

fields are second to none.

SOG Australia consultants have a direct hands-on approach business model to ensure that the individual with the expertise needed is directly involved with your personal or company assignments. This approach allows our company to offer services in the following diverse fields, political and business risk analysis, information security, critical incident response, disaster management, intelligence operations, criminal investigations, corporate and government sector operations, close personal protection, witness protection, tactical policing, high risk entry, advanced protective services, close quarter battle, tactical weapons and defensive tactics.

Executive protection

SOG Australia integrated risk management solutions for executive protection, close personal protection, PSD, and bodyguards can be applied to governments, non-governmental organisations, multi-national corporations and private individuals alike to assist you to mitigate risk.

SOG Australia security personnel are highly trained and are able to respond 24 hours a day seven days a week to your company’s

security concerns whenever and wherever they may arise.

Our highly professional staff are able to dynamically facilitate a multi tiered response to whatever threat arises to your company

or personnel. Our management and operational staff can supply immediate and detailed recommendations as to what direct actions should

be taken to reduce our client’s exposure to risk. Our companies extensive expertise in dealing with these matters on a global level

will help mitigate and neutralise these threats toward your company and staff.

SOG Australia security personnel’s presence will ensure that your company, or department and its personnel will have peace of mind and a secure environment to carry out their daily operations.

Collections and Recovery Services

SOG can also undertake consumer and private debt collection services – repossessions of plant, equipment, vessels, vehicles, money ,goods, debts, and assets.

SOGA Goes Global with H3

H3 / SOGA is a full service, global, veteran-owned and operated, security, training, gear and intelligence corporation. With over 20 years of proven track record of professionalism and quality, we incorporate unique specialty divisions including: Training (over 2,500 law enforcemen

Special Operations Group Australia

PO Box 9106

Deakin ACT 2600