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Elite Automotive

HVAC Systems, Cooling Packs, and Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for Military Vehicles

Elite Automotive has developed many air conditioning and HVAC solutions for military vehicles.

Elite House, Sandy Way,
Amington Industrial Estate,
Tamworth, Staffordshire,
B77 4DS Other,
United Kingdom

Elite Automotive has developed many air conditioning and HVAC solutions for military vehicles. Elite has proven experience working in partnership with military vehicle manufacturers supplying original equipment, designing adaptations and providing upgrade solutions.

Elite has systems installed on hundreds of wheeled vehicles and tracked vehicles, UAVs and mobile shelters. Elite has the ability to supply low volume, high performance solutions at realistic costs.

HVAC systems for military vehicles

Elite Automotives’ HVAC systems are made for heavy duty operation on military vehicles. Each HVAC system is designed for the vehicle and the environment in which it must operate. Experience has been gained in vehicles from ambulances, four wheel drive vehicles and light armoured vehicles through to personnel carriers, providing the Ministry of Defence with:

  • Very high cooling capacity at extremely hot and humid conditions
  • Maintenance-free operation in heavy dust conditions

Attention to detail and performance testing on systems and components is scrutinized, ensuring the highest standards are achieved and delivered to support military operations wherever the vehicles are deployed.

The HVAC systems available to the military can be powered in the following ways:

  • 24VDC
  • 300VDC
  • Single phase AC
  • Three phase AC
  • Other voltages as required

Cooling for tracked vehicles

Elite is capable of delivering HVAC systems for tracked vehicles. Delivering robust and proven heating and cooling solutions for personnel, machinery and equipment in the toughest environments. The challenging air conditioning solutions demanded by these rugged all terrain vehicles are met by the engineering department at Elite within budget and timescale from concept, design, development, prototype production, testing and delivery of units in kit form.

Approved military supplier for HVAC systems

This is a highly specialised market, Elite has developed a good reputation for delivering the high quality and robust solutions demanded by military customers. As an approved supplier for HVAC systems to the British MoD, Elite Automotive works in strict confidence and brings expertise and experience to your project.

All of Elite’s military systems meet stringent performance criteria dictated by military and defence standards including:

  • Def Stan 59-41 Class A so that the equipment is suitable for vehicles fitted for radio use (FFR) and in the area of electro magnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Def. Stan 00-35 A1, A2, A3 with reference to AC systems in severe conditions
  • Def. Stan 00-35 C1, C2, C3 Heating Systems in severe conditions

Elite also provide:

  • Full Prototype Workshop with CNC milling machine
  • Climatic test chamber with 24 channel data logging
  • Fully calibrated to +50°C with 1200W m² solar loading
  • Access to full vibration & EMC testing equipment
  • Main engine cooling packs
  • APU up to 2000Amps at 28VDC