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Swissbit is the largest DRAM memory module and Flash storage device manufacturer in Europe with 20 years’ experience in memory technology. Swissbit offers industrial DRAM memory modules in all popular technologies and a broad range of Flash industrial storage product families.

The memory modules prove their advantages especially in the industrial market through longevity, reliability, robustness against shock and vibration, an extended temperature range, all essential industrial interfaces and long-term availability. Swissbit’s target markets are industrial electronics, embedded computing, telecommunications / networking, aerospace and the defence industry.

DRAM modules for the defence industry

Swissbit offers un-buffered and registered DIMMs and SO-DIMMs, as well as a large number of different low-profile, mini and micro DIMM designs. The industrial / OEM product line is designed according to the latest JEDEC standards and covers all technologies from asynchronous RAM (EDO/FPM) to SDR, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 technology.

Swissbit modules with increased temperature ranges from -40°C – 85°C, high storage densities, and / or small form factors readily accommodate the requirements of demanding industrial applications. Thanks to an extended test scope, Swissbit can guarantee the high reliability and performance of these storage products.

Extreme rugged dual inline memory module

Swissbit announced the world’s first DDR3 XR-DIMM (eXtreme rugged dual inline memory module). This small form factor (38mm x 67.5mm) memory module is designed for rugged industrial and embedded systems in tough environments requiring exceptional resistance to shock and vibration.

Swissbit’s DDR3 240-pin 72-bit XR-DIMMs are electrically compatible to the JEDEC DDR3 72bit SODIMM and target the latest Intel-based embedded platforms as well as other DDR3 ECC capable applications for speed grades of PC3-8500 and PC3-6400. The module connection between RS-UDIMM and system board is implemented by a 240-pin mezzanine connector.

Flash modules for the military industry

Swissbit’s industrial solid-state drive (SSD) family covers all relevant industrial interfaces, including CompactFlash Card (CFC), secure digital card (SD), SSD (SATA and PATA interfaces), m-SATA, slim-SATA, CFast, CF, SD, uSD, MMC and USB flash drive (UFD).

Swissbit uses only highly reliable single level cell (SLC) NAND flash. The flash provides features like built-in error correction, bad block management, static and dynamic wear leveling, and power-loss protection.

Product development according to stringent design rules, critical component control and extensive product qualification procedures, ensures overall electrical and mechanical robustness. Swissbit’s Flash products are offered in commercial (0°C – 70°C) and industrial (-40°C – 85°C) temperature ranges.

Customers can access bad block counts and the status of write / erase cycles in order to monitor wear leveling. This allows customers to calculate the remaining product life time in the field.

Unique chip-on-board technology

The unique Swissbit chip-on-board (COB) technology guarantees extreme mechanical robustness against shock and vibration as well as high reliability. COB involves mounting a DRAM or Flash semiconductor die directly on a substrate without a packaged component. This reduces the required substrate area and assembly weight, and the saving in area can be as much as 20%.

By reducing the number of interconnects between an active die and the substrate, COB technology improves the overall circuit speed, leads to higher clock rates, better electrical performance and improved signal quality, and increases the overall reliability of the module.

A coating of an Epoxy encapsulent (or Glob Top) hermetically seals and protects the die and the wire-bonded interconnections. The Glob Top also acts like a heat spreader between dies, improves heat emission, adds low coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs), and provides a hermetically sealed module assembly.

Surface mount technology for the military industry

Swissbit manufactures its products also by using surface mount technology (SMT), multi-chip packaging (MCP), chip scale packaging (CSP), flip-chip and multilayer COB processes. Swissbit’s expertise in memory technology has had an influence on important standards and patents in the area of Flash controllers and die stacking.

Technical support for the defence industry

Swissbit offers technical support in product design and redesign, during product qualification and also in the integration of memory solutions into the applications of customers. We also deal with hardware design and firm or software support as well as customer system failure analysis.

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Press Release

Impressively Fast and Reliable: Swissbit X-500 Series Industrial SATA II SSD

With the Industrial SATA II SSD (solid state drive) of the X 500 Series, Swissbit AG is extending its successful INDUSTRIAL 2.5in SSD product line.

White Papers

Requirements for Storage Solutions in Military and Aviation Applications

From the collection, analysis and transmission of data, to the control of vehicles on land, water or in the air, information is becoming more and more important in military defense systems and conflicts.

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Press Release

11 October 2012

With the Industrial SATA II SSD (solid state drive) of the X 500 Series, Swissbit AG is extending its successful INDUSTRIAL 2.5in SSD product line.

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Swissbit extends its INDUSTRIAL family of high performance / high reliability SDRAM memory products by three new 8GB density modules: the 8GB DDR3 SODIMM, the 8GB DDR3 SO-UDIMM with ECC and the 8GB Registered DIMM.

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