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GM Defensive

Run-flat Changing Machine


GM Defensive is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the defence industry.

We combined our belief in the universal power of defence and our high engineering skills when we launched in 1980 and have since realised many technology projects in our field within the public and private sectors of European countries.

Durable solutions for the defence industry

Through collaborations with other companies in the defence sector, we have completed many projects, from Blastman to robotic production, inductotherm to induction systems, and Zwick / Roell to material strength solutions.

The fact that the projects are based on durability and continuity has created a permanent company policy.

Research and development services for military organisations

GM decided to start a research and development (R&D) project in 2011, shortly after an incident in Turkey involving an explosion inside an armoured vehicle.

We focused on the product and determined that the type of tire produced for the private sector is of vital importance. The right choice of tire enables the vehicle to continue to drive safely in the event of a puncture and allows any personnel onboard to be transported to a safe area.

RUN-FLAT tire changing machines for rapid tire installation

We decided to examine the product, which changes as a set, piece by piece, whenever the tire is replaced. We started our efforts to reduce the costs of the RUN-FLAT reinforced casing that needs replacement.

As a result of our analysis, rubber material constituted the highest cost of RUN-FLAT tires. We have made it our mission to reduce the costs and keep the armored vehicle personnel safe during military operations by using this rubber again and again.

As a result of our work, we developed four types of RUN-FLAT changer machines. These are:

  • Standard Run Flat Machine GMR-023
  • Standard Double Run Flat Machine GMD-024.
  • Conteyner Mobile Model GMH-098 – This model is a mobile system. It uses both generator and mains electrical power and features air conditioning inside.
  • Trailer Model – This includes Run Flat Machine and for small cars and trucks, as well as changing machines for air compressors, generators, and air conditioning.

All models are controlled by a radio remote control and joystick system.

RUN-FLAT changer machines help easily remove the rubber material on the rim of the tire and quickly attach it to another, helping to improve the cost and supply processes for defence organisations.

A fixed installation RUN-FLAT changer machine version was designed to be used in maintenance and repair shops and started to gain interest from armies across the world.

Tire changer machine with trailer transport system for military organisations

Our portable RUN-FLAT changer machine version was efficiently placed in a handy container with first-class engineering. In addition to being used in all kinds of terrain conditions, it has managed to be the first mobile machine in the area with a trailer transport system.

GM’s innovative solutions have been used by armied and military organisations across the world, including:

  • Turkish Armed Forces
  • Turkish Gendarmerie Organization
  • Turkish Law Enforcement Agency
  • US Army
  • Egyptian Army
  • Iraqi Army
  • Qatar Army
  • UAE Army
  • Saudi Arabian Army
  • Somali Army
  • Rheinmetall Germany
  • Portuguese Army
  • Libyan Army
  • Jordanian Army

History of Armoured Vehicles

An armoured vehicle is a military vehicle that is protected against bullets, shell fragments, and other projectiles with full or partial armor plating. Historically, armoured vehicles were used for reconnaissance, internal security, armed escorting and other subordinate battlefield tasks.

Flat Tires or Run-Flat Tires

There is nothing worse than a flat tire. Especially in the middle of the operation or mission. Flat tire could be extremely dangerous for your safety and security while driving at high speed. If that happens, you need to stay calm, think quickly and slow down to steer the vehicle into a safe zone. Or what else?

All We Need is A Modern Military

In the Army, being on time is part of discipline, which is instilled in new recruits during basic training. Reliability is shown by being on time. It also helps avoid any disciplinary action, like UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice that may hinder the achievement of goals.