Mobile Run-Flat Changer

The GMH-098 Run-Flat Tire Machine, housed in a 20-foot container, is specifically designed for swift transportation and operation in diverse military vehicles and expedition scenarios.

Robust and Reliable

Efficiently manage multi-piece wheels and execute run-flat system removals with our robust safety ropes and hydraulic cylinders. The integrated heating and cooling system ensures comfort and operational efficiency in various climates.

Deployment and Mobility

Enhanced transportation and deployment capabilities allow the GMH-098 model to quickly adapt to diverse operation zones, from barren fields to active battlefields. Its adaptable power system caters to different national power requirements.

Simplified Operation for Complex Tasks

The GMH-098 makes handling run-flat tyres straightforward and efficient. Its design is user-friendly, allowing operators to quickly learn and manage tyre changes even under pressure. The machine’s simplicity means less downtime for military vehicles, ensuring they are ready when needed.

Compact Design, Maximum Efficiency

Despite its comprehensive capabilities, the GMH-098’s compact design is a standout feature. It fits neatly into a 20-foot container, making it easy to transport. This compactness doesn’t compromise its efficiency – the machine is a powerhouse, able to handle a variety of run-flat tyres and wheelsets with ease.

Tailored for Military Precision

Understanding the critical nature of military operations, the GMH-098 is engineered for precision. Every component is designed to perform flawlessly, ensuring that military vehicles are equipped with reliable tyres. The machine’s precision contributes to the overall effectiveness of military missions, where every detail counts.

Key Features

  • Mobile and Secure: Expertly manage multi-piece wheels, ensuring a hassle-free process for securing and detaching the locking rim.
  • Efficient Run-Flat Removal: Employ safety ropes and hydraulic cylinders to safely remove run-flat systems from heavy-duty, tubeless tyres.
  • Rapid Installation: Promptly fit run-flat inserts into tubeless military tyres, maintaining vehicle readiness.
  • Streamlined Movement: Relocate entire wheel sets with ease, courtesy of a crane that is manageable via remote control.
  • Dual Control Options: Choose between the joystick or the remote for operation, both equipped with emergency stop features for added security.
  • In-Container Operation: Execute run-flat installation, removal, and split rim replacement all within the container, ensuring continuous mobility.


  • Enhanced Mobility & Deployment: Transport and deploy efficiently in various operational zones, from barren landscapes to active battlefields.
  • Optimal Working Conditions: Benefit from an integrated heating and cooling system, ensuring comfort in diverse climates.
  • Adaptable Power System: Cater to different national power requirements with our versatile electric system.

Run-Flat Changer Machine: A Synonym for Reliability

The GMH-098 Run-Flat Changer Machine is not just a tool; it’s a promise of reliability and readiness. Military operations can count on this machine for rapid, safe, and efficient tyre management, keeping vehicles mission-ready at all times. With the GMH-098, military forces can focus on their critical tasks, knowing their vehicles are in good hands.