The GMH-098 Run-Flat Tire Machine Container Model is a compact version that fits into a 20-foot container. It is designed for run-flat replacement for military vehicles, allowing for easy transportation in various operation zones.

With a footprint of approximately 6.5×2.5 square meters, it can be easily transported to various locations.

Benefits of GMH-098 Run-Flat Changer Container Model

With the GMH-098 Run-Flat Tire Machine model, military personnel can quickly and efficiently replace damaged tires on armoured vehicles. Run-Flat machine with container offers:

  • Enhanced mobility and transportation capabilities
  • Ensure quick deployment in diverse operation zones, including barren fields and battlefields
  • Compatibility with Hutchinson run-flat inserts
  • Ensure user-friendly military tire changer with a remote control and joystick system
  • Electric power system to accommodate various country requirements

Key Features of the GMH-098 Run-Flat Changer Machine Container Model

Run-Flat Removal

Safely and efficiently remove run-flat systems from tubeless heavy-duty tires using safety ropes and hydraulic cylinders.

Split Rim Wheel Replacement

It works on multi-piece wheels, where the tire is secured by a locking ring. It simplifies the locking rim removal and installation process.

Run-Flat Installation

Securely and swiftly install run-flat inserts into tubeless military tires.

Heavy-Duty Tire Lifting System

The tire with a complete wheel can be easily moved with the help of the crane controlled by the remote control.​

Remote Control

The run-flat changer machine features two control devices – a joystick and a remote control. The joystick is mounted on the main machine, and both devices are equipped with emergency buttons for enhanced safety.

Container Storage

Run-flat installation, run-flat removal, and split rim replacement can all be carried out within the container, ensuring continued mobility across various military operation zones.

Air Conditioner

The heating and cooling air-conditioning system ensures a comfortable working environment regardless of external weather conditions.