Efficient Run-Flat Technology

Introducing the GMR-023, a superior Run-Flat Changer Machine tailored for military bases. This machine efficiently manages run-flat tyre replacements and accommodates a diverse range of military vehicles within a compact 6×6 square meter space.

Safety and Precision

Use our machine’s safety ropes and hydraulic cylinders to remove and put on run-flat systems on big, tubeless tyres safely. The machine makes it easier to lock and unlock the rim on wheels with multiple parts, making sure the job is done accurately and safely.

Operational Excellence

Enjoy smooth operation with our two-way control system. It includes a joystick and a remote control, both with emergency stop buttons for extra safety.Streamline assembly and disassembly of run-flat inserts, enhancing productivity in demanding military scenarios.

Economic and Adaptable Solutions

Save on time and resources by utilizing our hydraulic system for reusing intact run-flat technology. Our machine’s compatibility with various military vehicle models ensures operational fluidity and versatility.

User-Friendly Design

The GMR-023 is designed with the user in mind. Simple controls and clear instructions make it easy for operators to manage the machine, reducing training time and increasing efficiency on the ground. The compact design ensures it fits neatly in limited spaces, maximizing the use of available areas in military bases.

Robust and Reliable

Built to last, the GMR-023 withstands the harsh conditions often encountered in military environments. Its sturdy construction means it can be relied upon for consistent performance, day in and day out, making it an indispensable asset for military vehicle maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Efficient and Safe: Utilize our machine to detach and fit run-flat systems on heavy-duty, tubeless tyres. Our safety ropes and hydraulic cylinders guarantee a secure operation.
  • Advanced Rim Handling: This model adeptly deals with multi-piece wheels, streamlining the process of securing and releasing the locking rim.
  • Precision Installation: Fit run-flat inserts swiftly into tubeless military tires, ensuring vehicle readiness.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Move entire wheel sets effortlessly, thanks to a crane that’s seamlessly operated via remote control.
  • Dual Control System: Operate with precision using either the mounted joystick or the remote, both featuring emergency stop functions for increased safety.


  • Economical & Efficient: Save time and resources by reutilizing intact run-flat technology with our hydraulic system.
  • Adaptable Solutions: Our machine is compatible with various military vehicle models, ensuring operational fluidity.
  • Seamless Operation: Streamline the assembly and disassembly of run-flat inserts, enhancing productivity in heavy-duty scenarios.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Fully equipped to handle Hutchinson VFI run-flat inserts and adaptable to other brands.

The GMR-023 Run-Flat Changer Machine is a testament to GM Defensive’s commitment to providing top-notch, reliable solutions for military vehicle maintenance. Its blend of efficiency, safety, and versatility makes it an essential tool for military bases aiming to maintain high readiness levels and optimal operational performance.