SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica company, has been awarded contracts to supply InfraRed (IR) detectors to export markets including the USA, Russia and Singapore.

The contracts will see SELEX Galileo delivering their Hawk, Osprey S, Eagle, Condor II, Merlin and DLATGS detectors for a range of applications including airborne search and rescue, air traffic control, handheld cameras for border security, long range surveillance systems and IR spectroscopy. The company’s engineers have been working closely with the customers to ensure that the most effective detector is chosen for the each application.

"Our IR research and production facility in Southampton, England is recognised internationally for producing benchmark infrared detector technology." said Stewart Miller, Vice President of SELEX Galileo’s detector business, adding "From cricket’s Hot Spot cameras to night-time surveillance systems used by Armed Forces around the world, SELEX Galileo’s IR detectors see what the eye can’t to give our customers the information they need."