As part of its efforts to reduce energy consumption, Dantherm has started to replace old energy-consuming fans with energy-saving models, which are compliant with the energy-related product (ErP) directive.

ErP defines the minimum required efficiency of products or components that use energy. For Dantherm products, it influences fan motors with a power consumption above 125W.

The requirements are being implemented in two steps. The first step was in January 2013 and the second step will be in January 2015. The 2015 requirement is tougher than the 2013 requirement.

The target for this directive is to reduce the overall energy consumption in the supply chain. In future, the CE marking on Dantherm products will cover both product safety and energy-efficiency requirements.

Dantherm started to replace old fans with the new ErP-approved fans during 2012, and most of its products will soon be equipped with updated ErP-approved fans.

The following air conditioners are already compliant with the 2015 requirements: ACM 18, ACM 18 CBRN, ACM 11, ACM 5, and VAM 15 MK II. The air conditioners, ACM 7 MK II and VAM 40 MK II, are compliant with the 2013 requirements and will soon be upgraded to the 2015 requirements.