Ballistic protection is crucial for the survivability of military vehicles and the personnel inside the vehicles. A variety of materials, including lightweight and composite materials, are used to provide enhanced protection.

Ballistic protection solutions protect military armoured vehicles against a range of threats such as munitions, anti-tank grenade launchers, improvised explosive devices, guided missiles, fragmentation, and mines.

Aluminium, steel, glass, plastic, uranium, and composite are some of the commonly used materials in manufacturing vehicle protection equipment.

Solutions can also be customised to meet the different mission requirements. The equipment can be integrated into the vehicle structure during manufacturing or retrofitted.

Ballistic protection products enable vehicle operators to meet Nato standardisation agreement (STANAG) standards.

Finding suppliers of vehicle ballistic protection solutions

Army Technology has listed leading suppliers of military vehicle ballistic protection, based on its intel, insights, and decades-long experience in the sector.

The list includes suppliers of armour for a range of military vehicles such as battle tanks, armoured personnel carriers (APCs), and combat vehicles.

The information available in the download document is useful for military vehicle manufacturers and operators, procurement officers, fleet managers, engineers, crew, and any other individual involved in the acquisition and maintenance of ballistic protection solutions.

The download contains a list of manufacturers and suppliers and their product and service offerings, alongside contact details to ease your purchasing decision.

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Ballistic protection solutions for military vehicles

Ballistic protection products for use within the military industry include, but are not limited to:

  • Side and roof protection systems for armoured vehicles
  • Spall liners for windscreens, doors, and rear section to offer protection against damage caused by shrapnel
  • Fibre-based composite materials
  • Blast mats and seat inserts
  • Anti-mine and blast-proof floor protection systems
  • Add-on armour kits
  • Appliqué armour kits that can be fitted externally to a vehicle
  • Sensors, countermeasure systems
  • Thermal imaging systems for improved situational awareness, and
  • Bullet-resistant driver’s cabs for logistics vehicles

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