Specialised military vehicle companies produce state-of-the-art land platform vehicles for use within modern defence applications. Land platforms serve the various operational and logistic needs of militaries. They include mobility, combat, defensive, and special-purpose vehicles.

Special-purpose vehicles are designed to operate in special conditions while meeting the mission-specific requirements of the armed forces.

Defence, homeland security, and law-enforcement agencies use a range of vehicles to carry out a variety of missions including combat, crew transportation, border protection, patrol, and counter terrorism.

Military vehicle companies: armoured and special-purpose vehicles

Army Technology has listed some of the leading suppliers of land-based military and special-purpose vehicles, based on its experience in the sector.

The list includes suppliers of military armoured vehicles, military all-terrain vehicles, and other special-purpose vehicles.

The information available in the download is useful for vehicle operators, procurement officers, fleet managers, engineers, and any others involved in the acquisition and maintenance of military and special-purpose vehicles.

The download contains detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers and their products and services, alongside contact details.

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Land platforms for military use

Land-based platforms and services for defence applications include:

  • Armoured personnel carriers (APCs)
  • Light armoured vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs)
  • Light armoured patrol vehicles, armoured vans and buses, and cargo trucks
  • Infantry fighting vehicles and amphibious vehicles
  • Light multi-role vehicles, tactical trucks, pick-up trucks, and tactical wheeled vehicles
  • Armoured vehicle launched bridge and bridge layer tanks
  • Armoured recovery vehicles (ARV)
  • Remote-controlled weapon stations
  • Mine-clearing tanks
  • Armoured multiple rocket launcher vehicles
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Light tactical vehicles, mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles
  • Armoured sports utility vehicles (SUV) and multi-purpose vehicles
  • Self-propelled artillery
  • Reconnaissance vehicles
  • Medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) vehicles and ambulances
  • Command and control vehicles
  • Military vehicle parts