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A look at the US Navy’s Next Generation Jammer

The US Navy’s Next Generation Jammer, promises a new, more capable electronic warfare system that combines agile, high-power beam-jamming techniques and state-of-the-art solid-state electronics. Dr Gareth Evans takes a closer look.

The problem with GPS in the modern military

In the years after the Gulf War many, and especially the American military, became increasingly dependent on the GPS constellation to provide positioning, navigation and timing for everything from warships, combat aircraft and guided missiles, to individual soldiers on the ground. But is it still so revolutionary? Dr Gareth Evans reports.

The evolution of electronic warfare: a timeline

Electronic warfare has come a long way from the early days of basic signal intelligence and has covered a wide variety of technologies and use cases. This article explores the evolution of electronic warfare and how it has been deployed over the years.

Night vision: a light in the dark?

Being able to see in the dark can prove decisive on the battlefield. As General Barry McCaffrey, commander of the US Army’s 24th Infantry Division during Desert Storm, put it, “night vision capability provided the single greatest mismatch of the war.”

Scanning the M&A landscape: inside Northrop’s Orbital acquisition

The pace of mergers and acquisitions in the US defence sector has been accelerating and despite tremors of concern around further consolidation and monopoly, the expected acquisition of Orbital by Northrop Grumman could be a sign of significant reshaping to come.

Sky Sabre: inside the UK’s missile defence system

Described as “a truly integrated air defence system”, Sky Sabre is intended to enable British forces to identify and engage enemy targets at much greater distance than its predecessor. But how does the system work?

Are multinational ventures the way forward for mega military projects?

Conventional thinking has long held that when it comes to really big defence projects, procurement, like charity, begins at home. But could working across multinational lines bring rewards?

Regenerative medicine on the battlefield

Huge leaps in battlefield medicine have resulted in far more lives saved, but on the flip-side many more soldiers are returning home with life-changing disabilities. The US Army’s specialist Tissue Injury and Regenerative Medicine Project Management Office is working on the next tranche of breakthrough; the ability to regenerate body parts.

Is the US military machine losing its innovation edge to China?

America has far outstripped its rivals when it comes to defence innovation, but there are signs that this seems to be slowing and could possibly be in danger of stalling altogether, a situation that could open the door to China.

Green military structures: saving energy and lives

Quieter, more sustainable bases are not just more efficient, they are safer and more survivable too, according to World Housing Solutions (WHS) founder Ron Ben-Zeev.