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DST Defence Service Tracks - Armoured Vehicle Tracks

DST Defence Service Tracks is the largest developer and producer of armoured vehicle tracks in the Western Hemisphere.

The DST facility produces tracks for nearly every Western European Army and the quality of the product is so high that, in most cases, DST has been the sole supplier of tracks to several armies for over 40 years.

With the procurement of Diehl system tracks, NATO and other countries' customers not only receive high-quality tracks at reasonable prices, but also technical support and the assurance of continued engineering development.

DST has developed more than 100 different types of tracks and capitalises on having its R&D activities, its production operations and administration united under one roof.

Design features of the Diehl system track

The best results in terms of long service life and low maintenance requirements are achieved with a one-piece track shoe using induction-hardened track pins and end connectors as well as replaceable track pads.

The main advantages of the Diehl system track include:

  • Low life-cycle cost
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Easy handling - quick-fit® pads
  • No replacement of end connectors
  • Only wearing parts to be replaced: running track pads

The optimal solution for use with tracked vehicles is provided by the double-pin track. The essential elements of this system are the body, the rubberised track pins proper (two per track shoe), the Diehl push-in track pad (without bolts or nuts), the self-clamping end connectors and the center guide. This system also offers extra traction in the form of the so-called snow or mud grousers.

Current applications

All tracked vehicles of the German Army are equipped with tracks developed and produced by DST. Many of our NATO partners and other friendly forces, both in Europe and overseas, also use DST tracks to equip their own vehicles.

Track shoes

For low noise and vibration running, our track shoes are steel inside and have a crank-shaped outline to reduce vibrations. For reduction of wearing parts and improved track weight, drive sprocket engagement occurs in the track link body itself.

Component parts

DST system end connectors consist of only two parts: the end connector and the tightening bolt. They do not require maintenance.

DST also manufactures drive sprockets tempered in the same way as the end connectors.

Track pads

DST offers different rubber compounds which optimally respond to customers' requests, ie. reduce wear in any kind of terrain.

Diehl track pads are slide-in or quick-fit® system pads that obviate the need for nuts and bolts.

As the drawer slides into the desk, the Diehl pad is inserted into the shoe guided by two plates which keep it in place. A steel tongue prevents it from sliding back. The rubber part of the pad is made of a special compound featuring low wear characteristics. For improved traction, snow or mud grousers are available.

In tests run by the Australian Army, Diehl system tracks exceeded a mileage of 16,000km without failure. This, no doubt, is the best proof of Diehl track quality and durability and further evidence of its low lifecycle cost.

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DST is your competent partner in state-of-the-art track technology for armoured vehicles.
Diehl Track Type 570 P family for MBT Leopard II, Leclerc, Challenger 2, M1, Ariete II and M60.
Diehl Track Type 513 in use on APC M-113.
Diehl Track Type 129 C (MLRS).
Diehl Track Type 1028 (Warrior).
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