Nordic Shelter Mobile Field Shelters and Containers

Nordic Shelter

Norwegian-based Nordic Shelter designs and manufactures custom-made special containers and shelters for military and industrial purposes worldwide.

Nordic Shelter is working to strict quality standards and we are certified to ISO 9001-2008. We have successfully supplied military clients in all areas across the globe.

We have provided a selection of customer-focused solutions, including:

  • Command and control posts
  • Emergency services
  • Communication shelters
  • Field kitchens
  • Field hospitals
  • Mobile workshops
  • Rapid deployment systems for drones
  • Surgical units
  • Mobile ammunition storages
  • Briefing shelters
  • Mobile laboratories
  • Mobile toilets
  • Mobile kitchens
  • Mobile offices
  • Container solutions

Military and emergency services command posts

Our military and emergency services command posts are complete units accommodating comprehensive sub-systems, including power supply, electrical and network distribution, audiovisual presentation, and environmental control and monitoring.

We also integrate alarms, automatic manoeuvring and protective features for EMC / RFI and BC-filtration when required.

Mobile field kitchens

Our range of mobile field kitchens consist of either single, autonomous units or several different types of special containers and shelters to offer large capacity field kitchens.

The expandable containers represent the ‘backbone’ of the system providing a high degree of ability for fixed, heavy installations.

Mobile medical and surgical units

We offer ‘turn-key’ mobile medical units that can be joined together to form a larger field hospital or used as ‘stand alone’ units, for example, operating rooms, emergency tactical units and pharmacy, laboratory or doctors’ offices.

Collapsible re-deployable shelters (CRS) for military-based applications

Collapsible re-deployable shelters (CRS) are the fastest and most effective transportable way to construct comfortable, sturdy and energy-efficient buildings for applications including military facilities, interim housing camps and disaster relief.

The lightweight, CRS complex is folded flat and easily erected using a standard crane or forklift in less than two hours. The complex consists of four inner units and four end-cap units, and additional units can be added to expand the complex. A standalone single unit is also available.

Every CRS comes equipped with insulated walls, lights and an electrical package. Collapsed shelters are stacked easily for transport and will go anywhere by road, rail, land, or sea, as well as fit inside a C-130 cargo plane.

Ammunition freight and storage containers for cargo protection

The Nordic Shelter ammo container is designed to protect the cargo inside, as well as the surroundings. It includes full infrastructure such as a dehumidifier unit, ECU, automatic environmental monitoring system and alarm, along with an optional diesel generator optional.

The container is fully compliant to international regulations. A large number has been in operational service with four different armed forces since 2008.

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Press Release

Nordic Shelter AS Delivers Mobile Tire Repair Shelters for Swedish Armed Forces

Nordic Shelter has delivered mobile tire repair shelters (MTRS) to the Swedish Armed Forces to replace the current units in-service.

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Expanding 10ft ISO Ablution Shelters

Nordic Shelter offers a truly innovative solution to meet the need for rapid deployable, easy transportable latrines and showers in the field.

Download the white paper to find out more.

Nordic Shelter AS

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Press Release

6 February 2012

Nordic Shelter has delivered mobile tire repair shelters (MTRS) to the Swedish Armed Forces to replace the current units in-service.

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29 March 2011

As a result of our effort to serve our worldwide clients better, Nordic Shelter has entered into a close cooperation with US company Sea Box Inc. Sea Box is one of the largest providers of containers and shelter solutions for military and industrial purposes in the world. The cooperation involves

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27 March 2011

Nordic Shelter and sister company Sea Box Europe exhibited at IDEX 2011, 20-24 February. Our stand was hosted by our UAE partner Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS). This year’s event exceeded all expectations and we want to thank all existing friends and partners, as well as new ones,

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Nordic Shelter AS

Rosenborgveien 3


Gamle Fredrikstad


+47 41 74 70 70 +47 69 32 24 00 +47 69 32 24 01

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