10 September

The US Military has relaxed certain restrictions for personnel in Tokyo and on Okinawa, reported Stars and Stripes. The easing or lowering of risk level on some restrictions follows as the number of new positive cases has dropped. As per Government data, no new cases were reported on the US bases in Japan on 09 September. In an email to Stars and Stripes, Marine spokesman major Ken Kunze said: “We are officially below ten active cases among Marine forces on Okinawa.”

Sailors and Civilian Mariners aboard the US Navy’s USS Frank Cable have been confirmed to be Covid-19 positive, reported PNC News. About 20 US Navy Sailors and ten Merchant Mariners have been infected. The outbreak has not impacted the vessel’s mission. Joint Region Marianas spokesperson LCDR Rick Moore was quoted as saying: “USS Frank Cable has had Sailors and Civilian Mariners test positive for Covid-19. If someone tests positive, they are placed in isolation. Close contacts have been identified and are in quarantine.”

China’s biggest airshow International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition will be held in November as planned, reported Reuters. Reports emerged earlier that the event was cancelled due to Covid-19. The airshow sees major suppliers display their capabilities while China uses it to exhibit its abilities, such as military fighters and drones. Britain’s Farnborough Airshow was cancelled due to Covid-19 lockdown and travel restrictions