The French Senate has reported that nearly 40% of the Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier groups crew have tested positive for Covid-19.

The aircraft carrier returned to its homeport in Toulon, France, early after the virus was detected onboard the ship.

Out of 2,300 crew, 940 have tested positive and 645 negative. As it stands 500 sailors are symptomatic, 20 are in hospital, eight are receiving oxygen treatments and one is in intensive care.

The case of the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle marks the second mass infection of the virus on a carrier after the USS Theodore Roosevelt was forced to dock in Guam due to the presence of Covid-19 onboard.

Both cases of Covid-19 onboard aircraft carriers have raised questions about the UK Ministry of Defence’s plans to sail the HMS Queen Elizabeth for further trials this month.

Cases have also been detected on ships from the Belgian Navy and Netherlands Navy.