Clear night and day vision enables soldiers to make good decisions at the right time and in all weather conditions, and Bertin Instruments is committed to providing military personnel with the best optronics to further improve their defence capabilities in any field application.

Supplying innovative solutions to end users, integrators and manufacturers, Bertin provides a comprehensive answer to the most stringent soldier demands, both in terms of reliability and performance. The CamSight LP, Bertin Instruments’ newest camera module with low-power consumption, is one of those.

The CamSight LP in a cutting-edge thermal imaging camera that can be integrated into complex optronic systems.

Sensitive to thermal radiation without any light, the OEM module has the ability to produce high-quality images in the darkest nights, enhancing a soldier’s awareness of surroundings.

Compact and rugged thermal imaging systems for the military

Designed to be ultra-compact, rugged and easy to install, the CamSight LP was specifically developed for use on combat and tactical wheeled vehicles, SWAT trucks, mobile command vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV).

The robust impact-resistant design of the camera module complies with a range of military standards and remains fully operational in the most extreme driving conditions.

CamSight LP can easily be integrated into complex optronic devices and used to enhance a driver’s viewing capabilities and increase a pilot’s situational awareness, even when operating in extremely demanding working conditions.

The camera, which is equipped with the latest LYNRED’s infrared sensor, comes with an uncooled system and built-in shutterless technology that enables real-time, freeze-free image delivery.

Efficient optronic solutions for the defence industry

CamSight LP’s low-power consumption of less than one watt, combined with premium image quality, makes CamSight LP a precious asset for any surveillance application under degraded visual conditions.

The CamSight LP-equipped aerostat is suitable for short and middle-term operations
to protect highly sensitive sites, including military bases, industrial areas, critical infrastructure sites such as nuclear facilities.

The OEM camera module’s long focal length means it is able to anticipate and eliminate potential threats by detecting, recognising and identifying fixed or mobile targets remotely.

Optronic products for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions

Bertin Instruments has a long history of designing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of optronic solutions dedicated to improving local situational awareness, decision making, and enhancing the protection of soldiers.

OEM camera module, CamSight LP, is a passive imaging system that is capable of detecting thermal radiation and producing high-quality pictures in the darkest nights, providing operators with valuable strategic information.

For more information on the CamSight LP, please contact Bertin Technologies directly.