In the modern era, secure and effective communication can be the difference between success and failure in just about any military operation.

A key challenge to many military organisations is finding solutions that are both secure and dependable. Especially in an age of cyber and electronic warfare, military communications must be protected against interception and disruption.

This is where Isode’s ‘Swift’ solution excels. An innovative and advanced communication tool, Swift can be relied on in a wide range of military missions and settings.

A cutting-edge communication tool for military personnel

With so many different options available on the market, finding a communication tool that meets the often highly demanding requirements of the military can be challenging.

In particular, the need for flexibility during missions is a key factor to consider. With this in mind, Swift was designed to be used anywhere and on any device, enabling users to deploy a high-capacity, secure chat solution across the network with zero footprint deployment.

Individual and multi-chat functions

A highly adaptable communication solution, Swift features both 1:1 chat and multi-chat functions, making it ideal for operations when communication needs to be adaptable.

Swift’s 1:1 chat feature provides a clean interface with a clear indication of users, as well as customisable images, scrollable message history, and pop-up alerts for new messages.

With a multi-user chat (MUC) function, team members can group communications by team or topic. Swift MUC rooms are clearly labelled to facilitate user choice of room and feature an optional side panel displaying a name, photo, availability status, and additional information.

The solution also features a roster, showing which contacts are online and available to talk with user presence. An easily searchable list of users and MUC rooms you are an occupant of are highlighted along the left-hand side, with changeable indicators for whether users are ‘Online, Busy, Away or Offline’.

Responsive across multiple platforms

When it comes to military communication solutions, responsiveness and functionality is key. Issues arising with the software in these areas could prove extremely costly, particularly on the battlefield.

That’s why Swift has been designed for optimal responsiveness on both screen and device size. This means the solution will remain fully functional regardless of whether the user is operating it from a standard desktop, phone, or tablet.

Enhanced security features to keep sensitive communication protected

There are few communications more sensitive and vulnerable to breaches than those transmitted between military personnel. This makes securing the connection an essential part of the communication process.

Swift uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) to secure all data connections, including HTTPS connections to the browser and XMPP connections to the XMPP server. This ensures that all data transmitted between Swift and its users is encrypted and protected from interception.

Swift administrators also can configure server options such as TLS and set default application settings through a built-in admin interface. This allows users to ensure that Swift is configured to meet the specific security needs of their organisation.

For more information on Swift, including the detailed technical specifications, please contact Isode directly.