The VEGA 4x4 wheeled armoured personnel carrier is designed by SVOS. Image courtesy of Martin KOLLER.
The VEGA armoured vehicle is powered by Cummins diesel engine. Image courtesy of Martin KOLLER.
The VEGA APC can accomplish a maximum speed of 110kmph. Image courtesy of Martin KOLLER.
The multi-purpose armoured vehicle offers enhanced cross-country mobility. Image courtesy of Martin KOLLER.


VEGA (Vehicle with Enhanced Ground performance and Armour protection) is a 4×4 multi-purpose wheeled armoured personnel vehicle designed and built by armoured vehicles manufacturer SVOS for the Czech Republic Armed Forces. The vehicle can be primarily deployed in troop transport, patrol and security missions.

The vehicle offers enhanced mobility and manoeuvrability across difficult terrain conditions. It can be reconfigured to perform a variety of special missions such as battlefield surveillance, combat support, medical evacuation, logistics and other police duties.

SVOS demonstrated VEGA at International Defence and Security Technology 2011 (IDET 2011) military exhibition in the Czech Republic. The latest generation VEGA 4×4 armoured vehicle was introduced at DSEI 2013 defence and security exhibition in London. The vehicle was also displayed at the International Defence Exhibition 2014 (IDEB 2014) in Slovakia.

The VEGA 6×6 APC configuration was unveiled at Eurosatory 2014 International Exhibition of Land Defence & Security exhibition in Paris, France.

Dzik is a multirole infantry mobility vehicle manufactured by AMZ-KUTNO. It can be deployed as an armoured personnel carrier in patrol and intervention operations by military and police forces.

VEGA APC design and features

The multi-purpose VEGA 4×4 vehicle features an integrated, V-shaped, monocoque armoured hull structure. The vehicle has superior reliability and affordability, and is capable of executing missions under all weather conditions during day and night.

The APC has an overall length of 7.025m, height of 2.95m, width of 2.59m and wheel base of 4.09m. The gross vehicle weight is 19,000kg and the kerb weight is 15,000kg.

The VEGA armoured vehicle offers seating for two crew members and up to eight personnel. It incorporates a 24V DC electrical system consisting of a 28V/min 140A alternator and two 12V batteries.

The vehicle can be optionally installed with a self-recovery hydraulic winch with load pulling capacity of 10t. Night driving vision / external TV cameras can also be installed for day / night surveillance. Other optional equipment includes NBC filter-ventilation system, automatic fire detection system, and fire suppression system.

Armament of the VEGA APC

The VEGA APC can be attached with up to three weapon mounts including a remotely operated weapon station mounted on the roof. The main gun ring or remote weapon station can mount a 12.7mm machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL). It can also be armed with 7.62mm and 5.56mm machine guns.

Self-protection features

The VEGA offers enhanced ballistic protection for the occupants. Its V-shaped armoured hull deflects the impact of explosion away from the vehicle in the event of mine blast under the vehicle. The vehicle is also hinged with modular add-on reactive armour for all-round crew ballistic protection.

"The VEGA offers enhanced ballistic protection for the occupants."

The hull provides high level of protection for the troops against fragment shaped projectiles (FSP), mine blasts, side blasts, roadside and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) equivalent to 10kg TNT. The rigid backbone tube frame superstructure of the APC offers protection against torsion stresses.

Engine and mobility

The VEGA 4×4 APC is powered by Cummins diesel engine, which produces a power of 306kW at 1,900rpm. The engine is mated to six-speed, automatic, electronically controlled Allison transmission system.

The vehicle is equipped with independent wheel suspension, semi-axles, 16.00 R2O wheels, central tire inflation system, and two circuit drum air brakes. The tires can be optionally fitted with run-flat system.

The APC can accomplish a maximum speed of 110kmph and has a cruising range of approximately 1,000km. It can negotiate a side slope of 45° and can cross a vertical step of 600mm and trench of 1,000mm. The approach and departure angles of the APC are 27° and 44° respectively. The ground clearance is 532mm and curb-to-curb turning circle diameter is 18m.

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