The VBTP-MR Guarani is a 6x6 amphibious armoured personnel carrier used by the Brazilian Army. Credit: Andre Gustavo Stumpf Filho from Brasil/Wikipedia.
The vehicle offers high mobility in urban, amphibious, and cross-country conditions. Credit: Exército Brasileiro from Brasil/Wikimedia Commons.
The vehicle features TORCH-X battle management systems, E-LynX software-defined radios, and gunner and commander sights from Elbit. Credit: Tomasgera/ Wikimedia Commons.
The vehicle can achieve a maximum speed of more than 90km/h on the road. Credit: Exército Brasileiro from Brasil/ Wikimedia Commons.

The Viatura Blindada de Transporte de Pessoal-Media de Rodas (VBTP-MR) Guarani is a 6×6 wheeled amphibious armoured personnel carrier (APC) developed by Italian vehicle manufacturing company Iveco Defence Vehicles, for the Brazilian Army.

In 2009, the Brazilian Army signed a contract with Iveco to jointly develop the VBTP-MR Guarani vehicles with an intention to replace the army’s ageing fleet of EE-11 Urutu and Cascavel armoured fighting vehicles, as part of a wider military modernisation programme to increase the deterrence and defence capabilities of the Brazilian armed forces.

Orders and deliveries of the VBTP-MR

The Brazilian Army signed a R$6bn ($3.37bn) contract with Iveco in December 2009 to procure a total of 2,044 VBTP-MR Guarani APCs between 2012 and 2030.

Iveco received a R$240m ($118.7m) order to manufacture and supply an initial batch of 86 VBTP-MRs to the Brazilian Army in August 2012.

The 33rd Motorised Infantry Battalion of the army received its first 13 VBTP-MR APCs in 2014.

The Ghanian Government approved an $86.1m loan for purchasing 19 armoured vehicles from Israeli defence company Elbit Land Systems, which is the prime contractor of Iveco, in October 2020.

In July 2021, Elbit Land Systems signed a contract with Ghana to supply the first batch of 11  Guarani 6×6 APCs under a deal between the Israeli and Ghanaian governments.

Elbit also confirmed the award of a $46m contract to supply 28 Guarani 6×6 APCs to the army of a country in Asia-Pacific in February 2021.

The Argentine Army signed a letter of intent with Brazil and Iveco Defence Vehicles to induct 156 Guarani 6×6 APCs in January 2023.

VBTP-MR Guarani design details

The VBTP-MR Guarani 6×6 APC is designed for rapid and long-range missions with high manoeuvrability in urban, amphibious, and cross-country conditions. The vehicle is 6.91m long, 2.34m tall and has an overall width of 2.7m. It has an empty weight of 14.5t and a gross vehicle weight of 17.7t for amphibious operations.

The vehicle can be transported to different locations by C-130 Hercules and KC-390 aircraft.

The VBTP-MR Guarani 6×6 APC has a ground clearance of 0.45m and a 2.26m track with a wheelbase between 1.70m and 2m. It can accommodate up to three crew members and eight troops in 12.5m³ of the protected area.

Key features of VBTP-MR Guarani 6×6 APC

The vehicle is equipped with an Elbit-built turret. It also features electric drive and stabilisation systems, fire control systems, gunner and commander sights, and life support systems provided by Elbit.

The APC comes installed with Elbit’s TORCH-X™ weapon-integrated battle management system for multidomain warfare. It offers seamless integration of platform sensors, effectors, and communication systems, providing the commander and crew members with a single interface for integrated situation awareness. The artificial intelligence (AI)-based decision-support tools reduce the cognitive load on the commander and crew members.

The vehicle also features E-LynX™ mobile tactical radio solution to meet the crew’s wide-ranging and complex communication requirements on the battlefield. Based on the advanced software-defined radio (SDR) technology, the system can be adapted to multiple terrains or missions, supporting various platforms and mobile tactical needs, as well as improving the crew’s operational efficiency and connectivity.

Protection capabilities of the VBTP-MR Guarani

The VBTP-MR Guarani armoured vehicle features ballistic protection with a high-hardness monocoque steel hull, pre-set for being equipped with fittings for additional armour and anti-mine protection.

The vehicle can be optionally fitted with nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection, a fire extinguishing system in the engine/crew compartment, and an anti-explosion system in the crew compartment.


The VBTP-MR Guarani 6×6 APC can be armed with manned and unmanned turrets carrying 5.56mm to 30mm calibre weapons. The turret can also be replaced with a remote weapon station armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun.

Engine and performance of the APC

The VBTP-MR Guarani 6×6 APC is powered by a six-cylinder, 8.7l, 380hp bi-fuel common-rail engine with an automatic gearbox and McPherson-type independent suspension system.

The vehicle uses 14.00-R20 tubeless tyres with disk-type brakes on all wheels. It also features standard run-flat, anti-lock braking (ABS), and central tyre inflation systems (CTIS) to enable mobility on rough terrains.

The APC generates a power of 279kW and a torque of 1,500nm. It can attain a maximum speed of over 90km/h on paved roads and a range of more than 600km at a speed of 70km/h.

The vehicle can negotiate a gradient of more than 60% and a side slope of more than 30%. It can climb 0.5m-high steps and cross 1.2m-wide trenches. It has a turning circle radius of 10.8m.

The 17.7t amphibious version of the vehicle has a power-to-weight ratio of 15.7kW/t.