The combat module of Typhoon K-4386 includes a 30mm cannon and a 7.62mm machine gun. Image courtesy of Remdizel JSC.
The vehicle can carry eight passengers including crew and troops. Image courtesy of Remdizel JSC.
The Typhoon K-4386 was on display during the Army-2019 international exhibition. Image courtesy of Remdizel JSC.

Tayfun/Typhoon-VDV K-4386 is a 4×4 mine-protected wheeled armoured vehicle designed and manufactured by Remdiesel, a subsidiary of Kamaz. It is the newest member of the Typhoon family of armoured vehicles.

Typhoon K-4386 is intended to support combat missions, crew transportation, logistics, cargo transport, medical support, and other intense armoured offensive strikes.

The vehicle was on display during the Army 2019 International Military and Technical Forum in June 2019. It is currently undergoing final testing, which is expected to be completed by December 2019.

Typhoon K-4386 design and features

Typhoon K-4386 is a single-compartment frameless armoured cross country vehicle with two entrance doors in the front and one access door in the rear. It also features a roof-top hatch cover, allowing the troops to access weapons systems.

The K-4386 is built on a rugged hull, which provides the vehicle with a strong base, along with less curb weight and general centre of mass, leading to compact vehicular dimensions. The optimised hull enables the vehicle to carry more payloads and offer superior performance off the road.

The vehicle is 6m-long, 2.54m-wide and 2.4m-high and has a curb weight of 11,000kg, while its gross weight is 13,000kg. The armoured vehicle can accommodate eight personnel, including crew and fully-equipped troops.

The 4×4 armoured vehicle can integrate a range of multi-mission support systems and tools such as an assault ladder, a 6.75t self-recovery winch module, strobe lights for night missions, loudspeakers, a circular video camera for surveillance, and communication systems for inter-vehicle communication.

Typhoon K-4386 armament

Typhoon K-4386 is fitted with a range of weapon systems suitable for various missions. The armament module integrates a 30mm 2A4 cannon system and a 7.62mm PKTM tank machine gun.

The roof-mounted 360° remotely-controlled weapon station (RCWS) is covered with a protective shield, which ensures the operator’s protection.

Typhoon K-4386 self-protection

The K-4386 offers all-round protection to the troops in the vehicle and conforms to the OTT level 3 standards of mine or grenade protection. The vehicle’s body meets the OTT level 4 protection standards to withstand impact from small arms and artillery weapons.

The wheels of the mine-protected armoured vehicle are made from aluminium and feature bullet-proof inserts, ensuring uninterrupted movement of the vehicle in the battle zone.

The seats and interiors can withstand reasonable fire incidents, while the vehicle also integrates internal safety systems such as fire extinguishers.

Engine and mobility

Typhoon K-4386 is powered by a 450hp diesel engine coupled to a nine-speed gearbox. Its synchro-mesh transmission system is cable-operated with a gear actuator servo motor.

The vehicle is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 130km/h and a range of 1,000km. It is fitted with two fuel tanks with a capacity of 180l each.

The independent spring suspension system provides comfort and positive vibration damping effect, ensuring greater manoeuvrability on different types of roads and terrains.

The vehicle can wade through depths of up to 1.75m with preparation and can scale vertical heights of up to 0.6m. It can also climb inclinations with a 30° gradient, and cross 0.5m wide trenches.

The all-terrain vehicle is capable of operating in mountainous regions, can manoeuvre at altitudes of 4,500m above sea level, and can be airdropped in remote locations.