The KAMAZ-53949 Typhoon-K mine-protected vehicle carries ten personnel. Image courtesy of
The KAMAZ-53949 vehicle offers superior off-road performance and manoeuvrability on all types of terrain. Image courtesy of
The Typhoon-K vehicle is mounted with a stabilised remotely controlled weapon station. Image courtesy of
A rear and side profile view of the KAMAZ-53949 Typhoon-K vehicle. Image courtesy of


Kamaz-53949 Typhoon-K is a 4×4 mine-protected armoured vehicle manufactured by Remdiesel, a subsidiary of KAMAZ, to meet the requirements of armed forces and special units worldwide.

The vehicle was recently displayed at the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2017 held in Moscow, Russia, in August.

Russian state-owned arms exporter Rosoboronexport and Remdiesel signed an agreement to promote the vehicle in export markets across the North Africa, Middle East, Central and South East Asia, Latin America and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) regions.

The Typhoon-K is primarily used to safely transport troops and military cargoes in mine-inflated zones. It can also be configured as a command post vehicle, ambulance and logistics support vehicle.

Kamaz-53949 design

The Typhoon-K is based on the common chassis utilised by the Kamaz family of all-wheel drive medium and heavy-duty vehicles. The vehicle also shares most of the components and assemblies with the other platforms in the family.

The vehicle accommodates two crew members and eight fully equipped troops. The hull features four side doors and a rear door. The roof is fitted with two hatches for observation, firing and emergency exit purposes.

The Kamaz-53949 vehicle measures 6.7m-long, 2.5m-wide and 2.8m-high. It has a curb weight of 13,700kg and can carry a payload of 2,000kg.

The vehicle also features a signature reduction package, an all-around video surveillance system and an automatic fire-extinguishing unit.

Armament of Kamaz-53949 Typhoon-K

The Kamaz-53949 is fitted with a stabilised remotely controlled weapon station (RCWS). The RCWS can be armed with medium-to-heavy machine guns, including a 7.62mm medium machine gun (MMG) or a 12.7mm / 14.5mm heavy machine gun (HMG).

Typhoon-K self-protection

The vehicle protects the occupants from 14.5mm-calibre ammunition, armour-piercing rounds and incendiary rounds. It can withstand the impact of 8kg TNT explosion under the floor and 10kg TNT explosion under the wheels. The vehicle offers STANAG 4569 level III protection against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, as well as improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The V-shaped hull reduces the blast impact by deflecting the kinetic objects away from the hull in the event of TNT device explosion anywhere under the bottom of the vehicle. The hull is hinged with sandwich armour, comprising conventional internal steel armour and new-generation external ceramic armour.

Engine and mobility of Kamaz-53949 vehicle

The vehicle is motorised by a Cummins 6ISBe 350 P-6 diesel engine coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission system. The engine generates a maximum power of 350hp at a maximum torque of 1,090Nm. The power-to-weight ratio of the vehicle is 20.2hp/t.

“The vehicle was recently displayed at the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2017 held in Moscow, Russia, in August.”

The power-pack ensures a maximum road speed of 100km/h and a range of up to 1,000km without refuelling.

The on-board information and control system aboard the vehicle monitors and tracks performance characteristics, component availability and technical issues. It also transmits commands to the onboard equipment and systems to maintain the ideal ground clearance and suspension mode for the efficient mobility of the vehicle.

The Typhoon-K is equipped with a hydro-pneumatic independent suspension system with ride height adjustment according to the requirements of the users. The systems also allow the driver to engage automatic and manual override modes to change the suspension stiffness characteristics and body position according to the terrain type. The ground clearance of the vehicle can be automatically adjusted in line with the speed, surface and person-specific driving style.

The vehicle is also fitted with central tyre inflation system (CTIS) for better mobility across rough terrains. It is capable of crossing 0.6m-high vertical steps and 0.5m-wide trenches. The vehicle can ford a depth of 1.5m without preparation.

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