Textron Tactical-Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV)

The Textron Tactical-Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) is a 4x4 wheeled combat vehicle, which is designed and currently being developed by Textron Systems to meet multiple mission capabilities of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).


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The Textron Tactical-Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) is a 4×4 wheeled combat vehicle, which is designed and currently being developed by Textron Systems to meet multiple mission capabilities of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

The vehicle can be deployed in surveillance, general utility, cargo, reconnaissance and armoured personnel transport, as well as command and control missions. It can be configured with interchangeable modules for different mission variants, including patrol, ambulance, convoy protection and mortar carrier.

In June 2012, the Canadian Government awarded a $587.7m contract to the Textron TAPV team to manufacture 500 TAPVs, including an option for an additional 100 vehicles. Textron also received an additional $102.6m contract for five-year in-service support.

The testing and training phase of four pre-production TAPV vehicles began in August 2013. The first TAPV went into production at Textron’s Front Street facility in August 2014.

The new vehicle will supplement the Canadian Army’s LAV 2 Coyote reconnaissance vehicle.

Design and features of TAPV armoured vehicle

The design of the Textron TAPV is based on the combat-tested M1117 Guardian armoured security vehicle platform.

The vehicle is 6.81m long, 2.69m wide, 2.29m tall and has a ground clearance of 63.5m. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) and kerb weight of the TAPV are 17,237kg and 14,742kg respectively.

“In June 2012, the Canadian Government awarded a $587.7m contract to the Textron TAPV team to manufacture 500 TAPVs, including an option for an additional 100 vehicles.”

The TAPV is fitted with three large doors and four hatches to provide access. The reconnaissance version of the TAPV can be controlled by a crew of four, including driver, commander, gunner and operator. The utility variant can accommodate a driver, gunner, commander and up to seven troops.

The armoured vehicle also features Rheinmetall’s vehicle navigation system and the driver vision enhancement system. It offers 360° situational awareness during day and night operations and can be optionally fitted with global positioning system, turret enhancements, alternator and anti-lock braking system.

Textron TAPV armament and protection

The Textron TAPV is armed with Kongsberg’s advanced M153 Protector dual remote weapon station (RWS) to provide a high degree of precision. The RWS features electro-optical sights and two mounted weapons, operated by both the vehicle commander and gunner from within the vehicle.

The dual RWS can be integrated with a range of weapons including a 12.7mm heavy machine gun (HMG), 7.62mm machine gun, 5.56mm light machine gun, M113 Airburst and Javelin anti-tank missile.

The armoured vehicle offers superior safety and blast protection for the occupants against direct and indirect weapons, mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). It can be installed with EODC’s latest ballistic protection technology, Advanced Modular Armour Protection (AMAP), to offer enhanced survivability. The vehicle can be optionally equipped with add-on armour protection modules and individual / overpressure nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) protection.

TAPV engine and mobility

The Textron TAPV is powered by a six-cylinder Cummins QSL 365 turbo diesel engine, which develops a power output of 365hp and generates a torque of 1,113lb-ft. The vehicle is also equipped with Allison MD3560 six-speed automatic transmission and fully independent suspension with front and rear, upper and lower control arms.

The vehicle also features Michelin 16.00R20 XZL tires with Hutchinson run flat inserts to provide enhanced off-road and urban manoeuvrability. It has a maximum speed of 105km/h on road, a cruising range of 644km and can negotiate slopes with a gradient of 60°.

Contractors involved with the Textron TAPV programme

The TAPV armoured vehicle is being developed by the Textron TAPV team, comprising the prime contractor Textron Systems Canada, Textron Marine & Land Systems (TM&LS) and Rheinmetall Canada.

Textron Systems Canada and Rheinmetall Canada signed a teaming agreement in June 2011 for the Department of National Defence (DND) and CAF’s TAPV programme.

Cobra II is a tactical wheeled armoured vehicle produced by Otokar, a company based in Turkey.

Textron Systems Canada submitted a proposal for the TAPV programme in August 2011. The armoured vehicle completed physical testing portion of the TAPV competitive bid process in December 2011.

Textron Systems Canada signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Engineering Office Deisenroth Canada (EODC) to obtain ballistic protection technology / add-on armour for its TAPV platform in March 2012.

It further signed a MoU with Ontario Drive & Gear (ODG) in the same month for the supply of gearing, shafts and collars for the TAPV. The company also signed a MoU with Ontario-based Mobile Climate Control (MCC) for air-conditioning units and components of the vehicle. General Kinetics was contracted to provide armoured vehicle-grade shock absorbers for the TAPV.

In April 2012, Textron Systems Canada signed a MoU with EVRAZ North America (EVRAZ) to receive proprietary armour steel alloy and with SED Systems, a division of Calian, for the delivery of communications and control solutions.

Rheinmetall Canada signed a MoU with USIMAX to manufacture machine and metal fabricated parts for the TAPV in May 2012.

Textron Systems Canada awarded a $209.8m contract to Rheinmetall Canada in October 2012 to provide critical engineering and production work and develop integrated logistics support (ILS) products for the TAPV.

Kongsberg Protech Systems (KPS) Canada received a subcontract from Textron Systems Canada and Rheinmetall Canada under the $209.8m deal, in January 2013, to deliver a new remote weapon station.

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