Cobra II tactical wheeled armoured vehicle was unveiled by Otokar in May 2013.
The Cobra II can safely transport up to nine troops.
Cobra II is based on the existing Cobra armoured vehicle in picture.


Cobra II is a tactical wheeled armoured vehicle produced by Otokar, a company based in Turkey. The vehicle is based on the Cobra armoured vehicle, which was jointly developed by Otokar and AM General.

COBRA II was unveiled for the first time in May 2013. The vehicle offers outstanding mobility and firepower in a wide range of missions. It leverages the success of the existing Cobra vehicle platform, which has been in service with 15 countries around the world.

The tactical vehicle has the capacity to transport up to nine troops, including a driver and a commander, and mission equipment. It can operate either in conjunction with allied air defence systems, communication systems and troops, or it can operate independently.

Otokar displayed the COBRA II armoured tactical vehicle during 14th Defence Services Asia Fair in Malaysia, in April 2014.

Cobra II features

The monocoque hull structure of Cobra II is based on 4×4 chassis. The modular design of the vehicle incorporates advanced technical and tactical characteristics. Its conventional layout houses engine in front, crew section in the middle and troop compartment at rear. Entry and exit for the occupants are provided through two doors at both sides and a rear door.

The AH-1W Super Cobra is the US Marines’ attack helicopter. It is supplied by Bell Helicopter Textron, and entered service in 1985.

Cobra II has an overall length of 5.6m, width of 2.5m and height of 2.2m. The wheelbase and ground clearance of the vehicle are 3.5m and 400mm respectively, while the gross vehicle weight is 12,000kg.

The vehicle comes with a standard equipment suite including rear view camera, thermal front camera, air conditioning system, blackout lighting system, multi-point seat belts, radio provisions, and a towing eye. The onboard power is provided by 24V electrical system integrating 400A alternator and 120Ah batteries.

Cobra II can be optionally equipped with a self-recovery winch, nuclear, biologicalm and chemical (NBC) filtration kit, automation fire extinguishing system, intercom system, navigation system and an auxiliary power unit.

Armament and self-protection

The Cobra II can be mounted with a remotely controlled weapon system (RCWS) integrating a 25mm machine gun. The vehicle that was displayed at the 2014 DSA was fitted with a low altitude air defence missile system (AiHSFS missile) from ASELSAN, which protects the vehicle from air attacks. Cobra II can be optionally armed with grenade launchers.

The armoured hull of Cobra II offers protection against 7.62mm rounds and artillery shell splinters. The bottom of the crew compartment is fitted with a removable parabolic-shaped plate for deflection of blast. The vehicle also protects the crew from fragments and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

"Cobra II delivers superior performance in rough terrains and challenging climatic conditions."


Cobra II is powered by a 6.7L, six-cylinder, water cooled, turbo charged, common rail, diesel engine mated to an automatic gearbox (six forward and one reverse). It produces a power of 281hp (210kW) at 2,500rpm, and torque of 970Nm at 1,700rpm. The engine complies with EURO-3 emission standards and is also compatible with F-34 and F-54 fuel.

Cobra II mobility

Cobra II delivers superior performance in rough terrains and challenging climatic conditions. Its fully independent suspension is fitted with spring and shock absorber, while air-over hydraulic service brakes are equipped with anti-locking brake system (ABS). The vehicle is also equipped with central tire inflation system (CTIS) and run-flat tires for high survivability.

The approach and departure angles of the vehicle are 48° and 60° respectively. The vehicle can negotiate a gradient of 60% and side slope of 30%, and can cross obstacles of 400mm and trenches of 900mm.

The Cobra II can attain a maximum road speed of 110km/h on road and has a maximum cruising range of 700km.

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