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AH-1W / AH-1Z Super Cobra Attack Helicopter


Two (pilot and gunner)

Maiden Flight

December 2000 (AH-1Z)

Entry into Service

1985 (AH-1W) and 2011 (AH-1Z)


Bell Helicopter Textron


US Marine Corps, Islamic Republic of Iran Army, Republic of China Army and Turkish Army

Number Built

More than 1,271





Rotor Diameter


Fuselage Length


Stub Wingspan


Empty Weight

10,200lb (4,630kg)

Maximum Gross Weight

16,800lb (7,620kg)

Internal Fuel

2,755lb (1,249kg)

Maximum Ordnance

3,914lb (1,775kg)

Hovering Out of Ground Effect (HOGE) Gross Weight

16,600lb (7,529kg)

Maximum Take-Off Weight

14,750lb (6,690kg)


2 x General Electric T700-401 rated at 3,380hp

Maximum Airspeed

210kt (388km/h)

Cruise Speed at Altitude 3,000ft and 91.5°F

210kt (274km/h)

Cruise Speed at Altitude 4,000ft and 95°F

137kt (253km/h)

Maximum Range With 20 Minutes Reserve Fuel

350nm (648km)

Endurance With 20 Minutes Reserve Fuel

3hr 30min (2h 48min)

Maximum G-load

+3.2g (+2.5g)

Minimum G-load

-0.5g (+0.5g)

Vertical Rate of Climb at Altitude 3,000ft

1,740ft/min (645ft/min)

Vertical Rate of Climb at Altitude 4,000ft

1,386ft/min (315ft/min)

Service Ceiling


Rate of Climb



20mm M197 3-barreled gatling cannon in the A/A49E-7 turret (750 rounds ammo capacity)

Rocket Pods

70mm Hydra 70 rockets mounted in LAU-68C/A (7 shot), 127mm Zuni rockets - 8 rockets in two 4-round LAU-10D/A launchers


Tow Missiles, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles


Northrop Grumman


L-3 Ruggedised Command and Control Solutions

Weapon Stores Control and Data Transfer System

Smiths Aerospace

TopOwl Helmet-Mounted Display System

Thales Avionics

BGM-71 TOW Missile

Raytheon Aircraft Company

AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS)

BAE Systems

Night Targeting System (NTS)

Israel Aerospace Industries and Kollsman

Turret Assembly

L-3 Communications Wescam

Cobra Radar System

Longbow International

AN/APR-44 Continuous-Wave Radar Warner

AEL Industries

AN/AVR-2A Laser Warning Receiver

Goodrich Corporation

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