tEODor is an explosive ordnance disposal and observation robot designed by Telerob. Image courtesy of Antti Leppänen.
The Spanish Army operates a total of 27 tEODor robot systems. Image courtesy of Outisnn.
The tEODor robot can reach a maximum speed of 3km/h.


The remote-controlled, heavy-duty robot tEODor (telerob Explosive Ordnance Disposal and observation robot) is designed and manufactured by Telerob, a business unit of Cobham Unmanned Systems. The robot is designed to provide enhanced bomb disposal capabilities to explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams.

The robot offers high reliability and excellent manoeuvrability. It can be used to identify and disarm booby traps, fireworks, improvised explosive devices and other dangerous objects in closed areas, buildings and vehicles. It also performs reconnaissance, monitoring and investigation of objects in exceptionally dangerous conditions.

The tEODor bomb disposal robot system is in service with military and law enforcement units of more than 41 countries worldwide.

Orders and deliveries of tEODor

The tEODor robot entered into service with the Czech Army in March 2005. The Canadian Army ordered 23 robot units in March 2006.

The Dragon Runner is a rugged, ultra-compact, lightweight and portable reconnaissance robot developed for urban operations (UO).

In August 2011, the Spanish Armed Forces awarded a contract under the ten-year acquisition programme for delivery of three additional robots, bringing the total number of orders to 27.

The robot was deployed by the Pyrotechnic Services Police of the Czech Republic in March 2013. It is also operated by the Royal Netherlands Army.

tEODor design and features

The battery-powered tEODor robot system features modular design incorporating a wide array of accessories and advanced technical capabilities. It offers superior safety and protection for EOD personnel.

The robot has a length of 1.3m, width of 6.85m, a height of 1.24m and a weight of 375kg. It can carry a payload of 350kg.

tEODor can be equipped with chemical and radiological sensors for reconnaissance activities. The x-ray device is incorporated in the tEODor system to help detect potential hazards and suspicious objects. An integrated diagnostic system enables easy troubleshooting using a special software. The robot also uses several electrical and mechanical tools for bomb disposal operations.

The tEODor can also be mounted with recoilless weapons for disarming improvised explosive devices.

Manipulator arm

The EOD robot features a high-power manipulator arm with safety clutches to lift objects of about 100kg. Mounted on a rotating turret, the manipulator is actuated in six axes. It can reach a distance of 2.86m. The linear axis in the lower arm allows easy investigation of underneath vehicles, and simplifies arm movements along linear paths.

Payloads attached to tEODor

The tEODor system is equipped with two drive cameras, a pan/tilt/zoom overview camera, and a gripper camera to capture high resolution imagery and video in real time. It can be optionally fitted with pan/tilt/zoom night vision or infrared, stereo cameras to capture clear imagery during night operations.

The robot integrates two-way audio transmitter and digital video receiver modules and communication is provided through radio or 200m fibre optic cable.

“The tEODor robot system is powered by high-torque drive units.”

Control station

The bomb disposal robot is operated by a mobile operations control station installed with an inbuilt power supply. The control station features a large, 17in TFT monitor displaying overview of the area.

The imagery and gripper force are displayed on the compact control panel, which is operated separately from the control station. The control panel measures 0.44m in width, 0.35m in height, 0.31m in depth, and weighs 9kg.

Performance of tEODor

The tEODor robot system is powered by high-torque drive units. The steel twin-track configuration made from steel allows the robot to traverse uneven surfaces. The running gear is fitted with sprung rollers.

The robot can reach a maximum speed of 3km/h and can climb gradients up to 45°. It has a turning circle of 1.46m and a towing capacity of 3,000N. tEODor can be deployed under all ambient conditions ranging from -20°C to +60°C. The robot can operate for up to four hours.

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