The STREIT Group Cobra 4×4 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) is intended for law enforcement and paramilitary branches for the transportation of troops in hostile environments.

The vehicle can pass through tough terrains swiftly and, because of its small size, is easily transported by air cargo
STREIT Group recently unveiled a Cobra APC configured with the Vehicle Borne Assault System (VBAS) during a Counter Terror expo.

Design and features of the Cobra APC

ABC 79M Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier, Romania

The ABC 79M 4×4 amphibious armoured personnel carrier was produced by ROMARM for the Romanian Army. The vehicle was previously known as TABC 79.

The Cobra APC features a monocoque-type armoured design for the crew compartment. The CEN 1522 FB6 level protection APC is designed to offer an ideal combination of protection, mobility and payload.

Meanwhile, the compact size and mobility makes the Cobra suitable for urban environments as well as semi-rural operations. It can operate in temperatures ranging between -20°C and + 55°C.

The standard Cobra APC comes in a three-door configuration, which offers seating for the driver, commander and a crew of six in the rear.

The vehicle can now be customised in both three- or five-door variants. The five-door variant can be used for reconnaissance and electronic countermeasure escort duties.

Customers of the Cobra APC can choose from a range on configured options as per their requirements.

"The standard Cobra APC comes in a three-door configuration, which offers seating for the driver, commander and a crew of six in the rear."

A Law enforcement package includes public address and siren system, two-way intercom system and high-intensity remote controlled lighting. Other equipment includes an external rooftop light bar and an external searchlight.

The vehicle is 4.63m long, 1.97m wide and 2.13m high, and has a total interior volume of 5.7m3. It has curb weight of 4,630kg, gross weight of 5,630kg, and maximum payload capacity of about 1,000kg.

Armament and protection

The Cobra APC features a manual or electric rotating turret with a universal weapons mount. It can be equipped with remote fire systems, electronic counter measures, smoke launcher systems, and other less-than-lethal systems.

Superior ballistic protection is offered by the armoured hull, while the floor can resist under-body blasts and grenade fragmentation. The protection features can be further enhanced by optionally adding ceramic or composite add-on plates, blast mitigation floor mats, and anti-riot mesh protection.

Engine details of the Cobra APC

The APC comes standard with the 4.5L diesel engine developing 261hp. Other engine options include the 4.6L petrol (347hp) or the 5.7L petrol (381hp) engines. The transmission is a six-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission or a five-speed manual transmission. The vehicle has a standard fuel capacity of 138l and offers a range of 800km.


An active traction control system is fitted to the full-time four-wheel drive vehicle. The wheels integrate P285/65R17 radial tubeless tires which can be equipped with an optional tire inflation system.

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