Sherpa 3 Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle

The Sherpa 3 is a 4×4 all-terrain tactical vehicle developed for projection, intervention and logistic units. It is a




Renault Trucks Defense


French Army


4×4 with single-rear wheels


Sherpa 3 tactical vehicle

The Sherpa 3 is a 4×4 all-terrain tactical vehicle developed for projection, intervention and logistic units. It is a member of the Sherpa family of trucks manufactured by Renault Trucks Defense.

The vehicle can carry a significant payload over road surfaces and all terrains including sand, stones and mud. The high carrying capability and advanced self-protection capabilities make the vehicle superior in its class.

In May 2009, Renault Trucks Defense signed a contract with Thales for 33 Sherpa 3 vehicles. These are dedicated to the tactical stations of the Syracuse III military satellite communications programme of France.

Sherpa 3 tactical vehicle design

The Sherpa 3 is a four-wheel-drive medium platform tactical vehicle designed to demonstrate mobility and strength. It has a 10ft flatbed with a 4.1t loading capacity. The vehicle is 6.2m long, 2.2m wide and weighs 9.5t. The driver and passenger seats of the two-man cabin are adjustable and have a three-point seat belt and head rest.

"The Sherpa 3 is a 4×4 all-terrain tactical vehicle developed for projection, intervention and logistic units."

The instrument panel has an electronic display housing an odometer and a rev counter showing economic driving band, fuel, air pressure, engine water temperature and oil pressure gauge.

The other components include function and alert warning lights, engine starting switch on dashboard, 12V / 24V electrical socket and a diagnosis socket.

The vehicle features steel wheels with a bead lock retention system and 365/80 R20/335/80 R20 tyres with a run-flat tyre system and integral central tyre inflation system (CTIS).

Sherpa 3 mission variants

Renault Trucks Defense has developed two variants, Sherpa 3 and Sherpa 3 Special Forces, to suit varied mission requirements. While the former is the standard version of the tactical vehicle, the Sherpa 3 Special Forces is designed for intervention and special forces units.

The vehicle features an armoured cabin and has low silhouette. The lightweight vehicle meets the air-transport and air-drop requirements. The Sherpa 3 Special Forces is armed with a 12.7mm machine gun mounted on the roof.


Sherpa 3 is optionally fitted with a roof for the installation of remotely controlled weapon station (RCWS). The RCWS can accommodate remote control weapons including one 7.62mm and one 12.7mm self-defence machine gun.

Sherpa 3 self-protection

The vehicle is armoured for protection from diversified threats including kinetic projectiles, splinters, mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The design of the vehicle’s structure provides for ballistic protection and floor protection kits as per STANAG level 1 and 2. It can also be fitted with retractable armour panels and add-on armour kits to provide additional protection.


The Sherpa 3 is powered by a four-cylinder high-pressure common rail injection Euro 4 engine with 215hp. The engine delivers a maximum torque of 800nm at 1,200-1,700rpm.

"The Sherpa 3 Special Forces is designed for intervention and special forces units."

It can achieve a maximum speed of 120km/h on flat road surface. The cruising range of the vehicle is 850km at 70km/h with a 200l fuel tank capacity.

The engine is coupled to an automatic transmission Allison S2500 with six forward gears and one reverse gear.

The vehicle’s front-drive axle has a load capacity of 3.5t and the rear drive axle has a load capacity of 6.5t.

The vehicle’s drive-line solutions provide outstanding moving capabilities and tactical speed on the most difficult terrains under rigorous environments.


The suspension provides a high ground clearance for the vehicle. The front suspension is equipped with pushing arms with coil springs and the rear suspension is fitted with trailing arms with coil springs. The other suspension components include telescopic shock absorbers and a stabiliser bar. The vehicle’s overall turning radius is 7.5m.

Sherpa 3 has high cruising speed and is ideal for long-range movements on land. The compact silhouette allows the users to deploy the vehicle on any theatre and urban areas. The vehicle can be transported in C130, Chinook, B747 and A400 aircraft.

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