Protected Mission Module Carrier (PMMC) G5 tracked armoured personnel carrier is designed by Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft (FFG). Image courtesy of Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft MBH.
The PMMC G5 APC was unveiled at the Eurosatory 2012 international defence and security exhibition. Image courtesy of Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft MBH.
The PMMC G5 APC has a gross vehicle weight of 26.5t. Image courtesy of Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft MBH.


PMMC G5 (Protected Mission Module Carrier G5) is a new multi-role tracked armoured personnel carrier (APC) designed and manufactured by Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft (FFG), a company based in Germany.

The APC can be configured with a variety of standard mission equipment on a common chassis to meet a variety of mission requirements. The variants include command post, mortar, recovery vehicle, engineering, infantry, and ambulance. The vehicle offers enhanced cross-country mobility in all terrain conditions.

Development of the PMMC G5 began in 2009 and the first debut was made at the Eurosatory 2012 International Defence and Security exhibition held in Paris, France. The APC was also demonstrated at the International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) 2013 international defence exhibition and conference held in Farnborough, UK. The carrier fitted with Imco Industries’ LED lights was exhibited at the Eurosatory 2014.

The vehicle was proposed to replace the Royal Danish Army’s ageing M113 armoured personnel carriers fleet in July 2012. The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) selected PMMC G5 and four other vehicles for the proposed replacement in February 2013.

PMMC G5 design and features

The PMMC G5 armoured personnel carrier features a robust design, which integrates armoured hull with inherent stealth characteristics. The vehicle generates low noise and requires less maintenance.

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann’s Artillery Gun Module (AGM) is an air-transportable, medium-weight, turreted self-propelled howitzer based on the proven technology of the PzH 2000 SP howitzer in service with the German Army.

The APC has a gross vehicle weight of 26.5t and can carry a payload of up to 8.5t. The crew cabin has an internal volume of 14.5m³ and is equipped with modified off-the-shelf (MOTS) and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components.

The vehicle accommodates up to 12 crew members in ergonomic, blast resistant seats. The driver seat is located at the front of the vehicle on the left side. The crew compartment is fitted with an air conditioning system and sufficient head room to facilitate comfortable working conditions for the personnel. Occupants enter and exit the vehicle through the rear ramp and roof hatches.

Observation equipment

The PMMC G5 APC offers high situational awareness through 360°. A day / night camera system fitted to the vehicle enables the observation of targets under all lighting conditions. The direct view under armoured glass offers superior visibility.

The windows, cameras and periscopes of the vehicle are designed to offer triple redundancy.

PMMC G5 protection features

The PMMC G5 armoured vehicle incorporates modular ballistic protection features to provide maximum crew survivability. It offers superior protection against splinter, fragments, mines, explosively formed projectiles (EFP), and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). It also provides lightweight protection against rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs).

“The APC can be installed with add-on armour modules to achieve increased ballistic protection.”

The APC can be installed with add-on armour modules to achieve increased ballistic protection. The fire suppression system and NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) air filtration protective equipment ensure maximum safety for the crew.

The carrier can be mounted with a remote controlled weapon station (RCWS) for self defence.

Engine and mobility

The PMMC G5 armoured personnel carrier is powered by a MTU / ZF turbocharged diesel propulsion system located at the front part. The engine develops an output power of 410kW.

The rubber tracks system fitted to the vehicle provides smooth traction. The carrier can attain a speed of 74km/h and has a range of up to 1,000km. It has a climbing ability of 60% and lateral inclination of 30%. The APC also has pivot turn capability.

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