The Patria AMV 8x8 equipped with Oto Melara HITROLE 12.7mm turret.
The AMV 8x8 equipped with Oto Melara 25mm Hitfist turret.
The Patria AMV seen during swimming tests in summer 2002.
The Patria AMV 8x8 AMOS advanced mortar system which has been selected by the Finnish Army.
The AMV 8x8 equipped with Oto Melara HITFIST turret fitted with the TOW anti-tank missile system.
An AMV 8x8 was transported to Brno in the Czech Republic by C-130 aircraft.
The Patria AMV 8x8 equipped with LAV 30mm turret.

Patria AMV armoured modular vehicle

The Finnish Patria AMV armoured modular vehicle.

The Patria AMV (armoured modular vehicle) was developed by the Finnish company Patria Vehicles in close cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces.

The Patria AMV is in serial production and more than 1,400 vehicles have been ordered. It has been selected by Croatia, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Slovakia.

The production of the XA-series wheeled armoured personnel carriers started in 1984. Since then Patria Vehicles has manufactured uninterruptedly more than 1,200 XA-series armoured wheeled vehicles in many different versions.

Patria AMV armoured vehicle family

“The production of the XA-series wheeled armoured personnel carriers started in 1984.”

The AMV product family uses the same hull platform fitted with the turrets and mission systems for each of the variants, including an armoured personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, AMOS heavy mortar system, command post, workshop and battlefield ambulance.

Where applicable and where specifications match the mission requirements, commercial-off-the-shelf systems are fitted on the vehicles.

The vehicle weighs between 14t and 24t according to the armour and weapons systems, ammunition and crew.

Patria AMV 8×8 APC armoured personnel carrier

The Patria AMV 8×8 APC version is fitted with the Patria PML 127 OWS turret for a 12.7mm heavy machine gun.

The PML 127 OWS turret has electro-hydraulic drives with 360° traverse and -8° to 48° elevation.

The gunner has a Zeiss PERI-Z16A1 sight and NAE 200 day / night periscopic sight with GEN II+ image intensifier. ACCD / thermal camera is optional.

Patria AMV P2 infantry fighting vehicle

The infantry fighting vehicle is fitted with a two-man turret. The first prototype vehicle, designated AMV P2, has been tested by the Finnish Defence Forces. The AMV 8×8 P2 is fitted with a GDLS CTC LAV 30mm turret.

The LAV 30 turret is fitted with ATK Bushmaster 30mm cannon, a 7.62mm co-axial machine gun and day and night sights. The vehicle is fully amphibious.

AMOS advanced mortar system

The twin 120mm AMOS mortar system can be fitted to the Patria AMV. Patria has signed a contract with the Finnish Defence Force for 24 AMOS versions.

The first of four low-rate initial production (LRIP) units was delivered in May 2006. Production units will be delivered between 2007 and 2009.

AMOS has automatic ammunition handling and electronic target engagement and firing systems.

Patria AMVXP 8×8 vehicle

The Patria AMVXP 8×8 is the latest version incorporating an integrated terrain control system (ITCS) and a powerful engine with a rated power of 450kW.

The electric power generation system aboard the Patria AMVXP is designed to serve the future requirements for C4I, battlefield management and situational awareness systems.

The vehicle has a maximum combat weight of 30,000kg and can carry a maximum payload of 13,000kg. It features modular ballistic, mine and IED-protection system.


The vehicle is fitted with modular ballistic protection to the customer specification up to a protection level against 30mm armour piercing APFSDS rounds.

The maximum internal volume of the 8×8 AMV vehicle is 13m³, the combat weight up to 25t and the payload 10t.

Patria is also developing a lighter version, a 6×6 configuration of the Armoured Modular Vehicle, which would use subsystems and components of the heavier 8×8 vehicle. The 6×6 AMV would carry a 6t payload and the combat weight is up to 18t.


The maximum road speed of AMV is over 100km/h with an operating range of 800km. The vehicle can negotiate 60% forward slopes, 30% side slopes, 0.7m steps and trenches up to 2.0m in width. The vehicle can ford water up to 1.5m in depth.

The vehicle is fitted with two shrouded propellers, one on each side at the rear of the hull for amphibious capability: the swimming speed is 8km/h to 10km/h.

DI 12 Scania diesel engine

The dual power DI 12 Scania diesel engine produces 360kW and 1,974Nm torque. The drive system uses ZF Ecomat 7HP902 automatic transmission with 7+1 gears.

The vehicle can also be fitted with other diesel engines such as Caterpillar, Cummins or MTU to suit the logistic requirements of the customer country.

The driveline includes all-wheel drive, 14.00 R 20 tyres with run flat devices, disc brakes and central tyre inflation system (CTIS). The central tyre inflation capability gives reduced ground pressure. All wheels have independent suspension. In the suspension system there are hydro-pneumatic elements with optional vehicle ride height control.

Patria AMV orders and deployments

The Finnish defence forces ordered 24 AMV 8×8 advanced mortar system (AMOS) versions, to be delivered from 2006 to 2009, and signed a letter of intent in the first quarter of 2003 for the purchase of 100 Patria AMV 8×8 APC versions. In December 2004, Patria received an order for the first 62 APC vehicles, fitted with Kongsberg heavy machine gun turrets. The first two AMOS vehicles were delivered in March 2006.

“The Patria AMV 8×8 APC version is fitted with the Patria PML 127 OWS turret for 12.7mm heavy machine gun.”

In December 2002, the Polish Ministry of National Defence announced the selection of the Patria AMV to meet their requirement for 690 armoured vehicles. Poland’s state-owned military production company, Wojskowe Zaklady Mechaniczne (WZM), is prime contractor and Patria a major contractor for the basic vehicle.

WZM and Patria signed a new licence agreement in July 2013, under which WZM will have licence rights to manufacture Rosomaks until 2023 and maintenance rights up to 2052. Patria will still hold the full rights and continue to provide the most critical vehicle components.

The 690 vehicles for Poland include: 313 fighting vehicles with the Oto Melara Hitfist 30P turret and 30mm ATK mk44 guns; 87 vehicles equipped with under armour operated 12.7mm heavy machine guns; 118 command and control vehicles: 48 engineer reconnaissance vehicles; 46 armoured battlefield ambulances; 46 armoured recovery vehicles; and 32 6×6 configuration reconnaissance AMVs.

Serial deliveries began in 2004, continuing to 2023. The vehicles are called Rosomak (Wolverine) in the Polish Army.

WZM secured a contract in 2013 from the Polish Army for the supply of an additional 307 Rosomak 8×8 AMV vehicles by 2019.

In 2007, 24 Rosomak vehicles were deployed to Afghanistan in support of the Nato International Security Assistance Force.

In December 2006, Slovenia placed an order for 135 Patria AMV vehicles in four variants. One of the variants is fitted with Patria’s new NEMO 120mm smoothbore turreted advanced mortar system. Other variants include one armed with the Rafael Spike anti-armour missile. The first 13 vehicles were manufactured by Patria in Finland, the remainder by a joint venture company set up by Patria and Slovenian companies Gorenje and Rotis.

Elbit Systems of Israel was to supply 30mm unmanned turrets and 40mm overhead remote-controlled weapon systems (ORCWS) but the order has been cancelled and the vehicles were fitted with Kongsberg Protector remote-controlled weapon stations. The first prototype vehicle, manufactured by Patria in Finland, was delivered in December 2007. The first production vehicle was delivered in September 2008. The first deliveries of the NEMO mortar system began in June 2009.

In May 2007, Denel Land Systems (prime contractor) placed a contract for 264 Patria AMV vehicles for the South African Army. Initial vehicles were produced in Finland, with production later transferring to BAE Land Systems in South Africa. Denel supplied the vehicle turret.

“The twin 120mm AMOS mortar system can be fitted to the Patria AMV.”

The vehicle was required in five variants – command, mortar, missile, section and fire support. The missile variant is armed with the Denel Dynamics Ingwe anti-armour missile.

In October 2007, Croatia placed an order for 84 Patria AMV vehicles. The vehicles are manufactured by Patria in Finland and Djuro Djakovic Special Vehicles (DDSV) in Croatia. DDSV is responsible for the provision of special mission equipment and final integration. An additional 42 vehicles were ordered in January 2009. All vehicle deliveries began in 2009 with completion in 2012. An additional 42 vehicles were ordered in January 2009.

In January 2008, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) placed an order for an undisclosed number of AMV vehicles. UAE placed a further order for additional vehicles in January 2016.

In August 2010, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) ordered 113 Patria AMV for the Swedish Army. The Skr2.5bn contract includes an option of additional 113 vehicles.

Patria and IBD Deisenroth Engineering of Germany have produced an AMV demonstrator fitted with the IBD AMAP-ADS Active Defence System. The ADS provides 360° protection against a variety of threats such as kinetic energy, shaped charge, including the RPG-7 rocket powered grenade, and improvised explosive devices (IED).

In November 2017, the Government of Slovakia selected Patria to deliver a new prototype version of AMVXP vehicle. The nation intends to acquire 81 vehicles between 2018 and 2024, under a joint development programme with Finland.

Konstrukta Defence is the prime contractor, while EVPU is the weapon system supplier for the programme.

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