The Outlander MAX 1000 XT-P T was ordered by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence for border patrol activities. Credit: Ministry of Defence, Republic of Lithuania.
The Outlander ATV has a manual front locking differential, which can be engaged and disengaged based on terrain conditions. Credit: Thesupermat.
The Outlander ATV has a digital gauge display system to display parameters such as speed and gear position. Credit: Thesupermat.

The Outlander MAX 1000 XT-P T is a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle (ATV) designed and developed by Canadian company Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP). The vehicle is intended for border patrol missions.

The Outlander MAX 1000 XT-P T All-Terrain Vehicles were ordered by the Defence Materiel Agency, Ministry of National Defence, Lithuania, through a procurement agreement with the Lithuanian company UAB RMM Canadian in July 2021.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces received ten vehicles by 01 January 2022. The vehicles will be used by the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Force military personnel for patrolling the country’s borders with Belarus.

Outlander MAX 1000 XT-P T design and features

The Outlander MAX 1000 XT-P T vehicle provides enhanced passenger comfort due to dynamic ergonomic seating design and raised floorboards.

The ATV has an overall length of 94in (239cm), a width of 48in (121.9cm), and a height of 53in (135cm). The wheelbase measures 59in (149.9cm), while the ground clearance of the vehicle is 11in (27.9cm). The base model has a dry weight of 900lb (408kg).

The vehicle has a rack capacity of 100lb (45kg) at the front section and 200lb (90kg) at the rear section. It features a convertible rack system (CRS) with BRP’s LinQ™ system, a quick-attach accessory system.

Display unit and onboard equipment on Outlander MAX 1000 XT-P T

The vehicle has a 7.6in-wide multi-functional digital display gauge with speedometer, odometer, tachometer, and trip and hour meters. The display also shows the gear position and the position of the 4×4 indicator.

The Outlander MAX 1000 XT-P T All-Terrain Vehicle has a light DC outlet in the console with a standard connector at the back. It also features a digitally encoded security system (D.E.S.S.™), an anti-theft protection system with encrypted chip technology.

Self-protection features

The ATV is equipped with heavy-duty front and rear bumpers to enhance protection. It also features a tapered handlebar with full-wrap handguards, as well as mudguards.

Engine and mobility of Outlander MAX 1000 XT-P T

The Outlander MAX 1000 XT-P T vehicle is powered by a 976cc Rotax V-Twin liquid-cooled engine with a rated power of 80hp. It incorporates Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC™️) with electronic fuel injection (EFI) for fuel delivery. The fuel capacity of the vehicle is 5.4 gal (20.5l). The vehicle has a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

The tri-mode dynamic power steering (DPS) offers steering assistance to the operator. The suspension system comprises an arched double A-arm with front sway bar front suspension and a torsional trailing arm independent (TTI) rear suspension. The front and rear sections are fitted with FOX 1.5 PODIUM QS3 shock absorbers.

The vehicle comes with the Visco-4Lok technology, which provides the user manual capability of a front locking differential for brake traction control (BTC) with 4WD lock (four-wheel drive). The technology provides on-the-fly limited-slip front differential for better handling and riding control. The 4WD lock is suitable to meet the demands of mobility across rough terrains and obstacles.

Outlander MAX 1000 XT-P T has the capacity to tow 750kg trailer with brakes and 335kg trailer without brakes. The winch on the ATV has a capacity of 1,588kg.

The front brakes comprise hydraulically applied dual 214mm ventilated disc brakes with twin piston callipers. The braking system at the rear includes a single 214mm ventilated disc brake with a hydraulic twin piston calliper. The wheels are made of cast-aluminium beadlock, while the vehicle is also equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS).