Polaris Government & Defence’s Sportsman MV850 is in service with the US and other allied militaries. Credit: MacGyver Solutions, Inc.
Sportsman MV850 ATV is an extremely versatile, off-road capable, rugged ATV. Credit: Latvijas armija.
The all-terrain vehicle has a payload capacity of 850lb. Credit: Latvijas armija.

Sportsman MV850 is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) developed by Polaris Government & Defence for military applications including patrol, security, reconnaissance and administrative purposes during training and forward operations.

The ATV is used by several US and allied foreign military organisations, law enforcement agencies, as well as emergency response teams. Polaris collaborated with MacGyver Solutions to provide the range of Polaris vehicles and training services.

Orders and deliveries

Polaris received several contracts for the MV850 ATVs from the US and other allied governments between 2011 and 2012.

The company won a five-year contract from the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to supply MV850 ATVs in August 2013. The German Army placed a contract for the MV850 vehicles in September 2013.Polaris also secured contracts from Latvia and Turkmenistan to supply multiple Polaris variants, including MV850, primarily for border security in January 2018.

Latvian National Armed Forces entered a two-year contract with Polaris to purchase 62 vehicles including Sportsman MV850, Sportsman 6×6 and Polaris MRZR 2 under the US government’s foreign military sales programme. The Polaris vehicles will improve the Latvian fleet’s mobility in the Baltics region.

The Government of Turkmenistan ordered the vehicles for its Special Operations Forces. The Special Operations Troops Centre of Portuguese Army’s Rapid Reaction Brigade also ordered an MV850 along with other Polaris vehicles.

The US Army’s Fort Benning military base in Georgia, US, ordered 32 MV850 ATVs in June 2019.

Design and features of Polaris’ Sportsman MV850 ATV

Polaris’ Sportsman MV850 ATV is an extremely versatile, rugged, and nimble ATV. It is integrated with tie-down points and fitted with a 3,000lb winch.The vehicle features rugged racks and bumper, which can carry up to 200lb and 400lb of gears on the front rack and the rear, respectively.

It has Polaris® metal racks cargo system and steel exoskeleton and is equipped with full underbody skid plate and front bumper for more durability on rough terrain. The platform is also fitted with cargo nets, fender bag, and infrared (IR) lighting.

Polaris’ Sportsman MV850 ATV measures 94.5in long, 47.3in wide and 60in high. It has a wheelbase of 57in and  and ground clearance of 11.25in. The curb weight of the vehicle is 978lb. It has a payload capacity of 850lb, towing capacity of 1,500lb and box capacity of 600lb.

The vehicle can accommodate one person onboard, while the fuel capacity of the vehicle is 11.75gal (44.5l), including 24.6l of reserve.

The ATV features keyless ignition, blackout drive with IR capability and optional litter mount. It has all-wheel drive (AWD) electronic power steering and dual A-arm suspension with heavy-duty shocks to carry all types of military-grade payload on any challenging terrain.

The Military Systems Group’s mounting bracket mounts to the brush guard and roll bar of the Sportsman MV850 ATV. It serves as a rigid platform for a swing arm system and provides space for medium machine guns.


The Sportsman MV850 ATV features a 77HP four-stroke single overhead cam (SOHC) twin-cylinder type engine with a standard engine braking system, 850cc displacement and standard active descent control.

The engine has electronic fuel injection system with on-demand true AWD/2WD type drive system. It has a single-lever four-wheel hydraulic disc front brake with hydraulic rear foot brake.

Polaris range of military vehicles

Polaris offers a range of ultra-light tactical vehicles including MRZR ALPHA, DAGOR A1 and Sportsman MV850. The vehicles provide off-road capabilities to military operations such as tactical and combat missions, security, patrol, and search and rescue.