Otaman 8x8 armoured fighting vehicle is based on the BTR-60 armoured vehicle. Credit: Void Wanderer/Wikipedia.
Otaman 8x8 offers STANAG 4569 level 2 ballistic protection. Credit: Void Wanderer/Wikipedia.
A side profile view of the Otaman 8x8 armoured fighting vehicle. Credit: Void Wanderer/Wikipedia.
A mortar carrier variant of the Otaman 8x8 armoured vehicle. Credit: Void Wanderer/Wikipedia.

The Otaman 8×8 armoured fighting vehicle is produced by NGO Practika, a company based in Ukraine. It is an extensively modernised version of the BTR-60 armoured vehicle.

The concept design of the Otaman modular platform was unveiled at Defexpo India 2016, held in March 2016. The vehicle was exhibited at the 2017 Arms and Security Exhibition held in Kiev, Ukraine, in October 2017.

Otaman 8×8 armoured vehicle design and features

The Otaman 8×8 platform retains the chassis and suspension of the BTR-60. It features a redesigned hull integrating advanced armour and new power-plant. The layout houses engine at forward and troop compartment at rear in contrast with the original BTR-60 design, which accommodates engine at the rear and troops section in the centre hull.

The vehicle also features a raised roofline, and offers superior firepower and protection than its predecessor. It also possesses amphibious capability.

The base platform can be configured as the armoured personnel carrier (APC), infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), ambulance, command-and-control vehicle, repair vehicle, mortar carrier and artillery vehicle. It is also offered in 6×6 wheel configuration.

The Otaman 8×8 armoured vehicle measures 7m-long, 2.66m-wide and 2.43m-high. It has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 13,000kg and can carry up to 14 troops. The driver is seated in front of the hull, on the left, while seating for the commander is positioned behind him.

The vehicle offers an improved level of comfort for the crew. The crew compartment features dual-zone heater and a modern air conditioning system. The driver can enter / exit the vehicle through a roof hatch, while the crew can ingress / egress through roof hatches and a rear-mounted door.

The onboard observation, navigation and communication systems include a thermal camera for night driving, a 360° day and night camera system, a GPS-enabled navigation device, a radio station, and an intercom.


The Otaman 8×8 vehicle can be mounted with a remotely operated weapon station (RWS) or with an automatic cannon station. The RWS can be installed with light or medium-calibre machine gun, as well as a day / night camera and laser range finder, and a gun stabilisation system.

The IFV variant can be armed with 25mm or 30mm calibre gun systems, while the fire support vehicle versions can be mounted with a mortar launcher or a howitzer.

Otaman 8×8 self-protection features

The hull of the vehicle is made of a very high hardness steel offering STANAG 4569 level 2 ballistic protection, which can be optionally upgraded to STANAG 4569 level 3.

The upgrade package includes strengthened floor and special blast attenuation seats to protect the crew from explosions caused by mines and improvised explosive devices (IED). The multi-layer armour hinged to the bottom of the vehicle offers improved protection against the impact of blasts.

The survivability is further increased by a nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) filtration system, an automatic fire-fighting system, and a batch of smoke grenade launchers fitted on either side of the forward and rear hull.

Engine and mobility of Otaman 8×8 vehicle

The vehicle is powered by a Deutz diesel engine coupled to the Alisson automatic transmission system with six forward and one reverse gears. The engine develops a maximum power output of 320hp and a peak torque of 1,200Nm.

The new power-train enables superior off-road performance. The vehicle is also fitted with a central tyre inflation system (CTIS), which allows the driver to adjust the tyre pressure according to the terrain conditions.

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