The MILAN ER missile system can engage targets within an extended range of 3km. Image courtesy of Stahlkocher.
The MILAN WASP turret was introduced at the Paris International Air Show in 2009.
The MILAN ER anti-tank missile is fired by MILAN ADT (advanced technology) firing post. Image courtesy of Comm2007.
Each MILAN ER anti-tank missile weighs 13kg. Image courtesy of David.Monniaux.


MILAN ER (extended response) is a new generation man-portable anti-tank weapon system manufactured by MBDA for the French and Indian armies. It is an extended range variant of the combat-proven MILAN anti-tank missile system which is in service in more than 40 countries.

The Milan ER can be deployed to provide tactical fire support for land combat forces in close combat operations in urban and open terrains.

MILAN ER missile system development

MBDA and Bharat Dynamics signed a memorandum of understanding at Aero India exhibition in Bangalore, India, in February 2005, for the development and production of the MILAN ER.

Initial test of the complete system with ADT (Advanced Technology) firing post and ER missile was performed in October 2006 in Bourges. The system was qualified by the French DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement) in January 2007.

A successful series of evaluation trials was completed in March 2007. A series of three industrial test firings of the system were conducted at the DGA’s Etablissement d’Expérimentation Technique de Bourges (ETBS) site in central France in April 2008. The three tests were conducted to verify arming distance to demonstrate accuracy over a range of 150m and to evaluate performance against a moving target at a range of 3km.

The MILAN ER missile system has been available for deliveries since 2011.

MILAN ER features

"The MILAN ER infantry weapon system provides reliable, accurate and flexible tactical operations."

The MILAN ER infantry weapon system provides reliable, accurate and flexible tactical operations. It can be effectively launched against fixed and stationary targets, such as heavily armoured tanks, command posts and fortifications.

The missile system is equipped with new extended response ammunition powered by enhanced propulsion system for high lethality, in-flight manoeuvrability, and maximum operating range. It can also be configured with the next generation technologies to meet the new combat requirements.

The improved anti-jamming capability of the system provides operators with continuous communication without any interference. The system can also be incorporated into future Network Centric Warfare (NCW) systems.

MILAN ER missile

The MILAN ER guided missile was produced by MBDA France. The first test firing was conducted in May 2006. Each missile weighs 13kg including tube, and can engage and destroy targets within the range of 3km.

The missile has an enhanced warhead, which consists of a new dual-mode tandem charge in the front to defeat early and new generation explosive reactive armour with optimal terminal effectiveness.

"The warhead can penetrate 1m explosive reactive armour (ERA) or rolled homogenous armour, or over 3m of reinforced concrete."

The warhead can penetrate 1m explosive reactive armour (ERA) or rolled homogenous armour, or over 3m of reinforced concrete.

Firing post

The MILAN ER is launched by MILAN ADT (advanced technology) digital firing post. The firing post supports built-in-test, maintenance, support and geo-positioning tools, and is fully digitalised.

The firing post weighs 34kg, including one MILAN ER missile, and incorporates an azimuth indicator and an integrated thermal imaging system with video inputs/outputs for remote operation and remote vision during all weather conditions. It is compatible with all types of MILAN missiles including the MILAN 2, 3 and ER variants.

WASP turret

The MLAN ER anti-tank missile system can be fired from armoured vehicle platforms using a modified WASP remote-controlled weapon station. The WASP turret can also be mounted with a 7.62mm machine gun. It offers protection for dismounted infantry or for logistic convoy escorts from enemy fire, and increases the responsiveness of the system.

The new turret was introduced by MBDA, Panhard General Defense and Sagem at the Paris International Air Show in 2009.

MILAN ER guidance system

The MILAN ER weapon system is equipped with semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) guidance system. The wire-guided SACLOS offers anti-jamming efficiency in clutter environments. The man-in-the-loop option further ensures accurate identification of targets and permanent control over the mission. It also prevents collateral damage in complex situations.

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