The new Marauder Mark 2 armoured vehicle was unveiled in August 2022. Credit: Paramount Group.
The Marauder Mark 2 is an improved version of the Marauder armoured vehicle. Credit: Sefer azeri/Wikimedia Commons.
The Marauder multi-role vehicle provides enhanced ballistic protection. Credit: Paramount Group.

Marauder Mark 2 is a new improved armoured vehicle developed by Paramount Group, a global aerospace and technology company headquartered in South Africa.

It is an evolution of Paramount Group’s Marauder armoured vehicle, an extremely rugged, versatile and highly mobile vehicle that was first unveiled at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in February 2007.

The vehicles have been supplied to various governments, including Kazakhstan, the Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Malawi, Ghana, Gabon, Mozambique and Singapore.

The Marauder Mark 2 was unveiled in August 2022.

Marauder Mark 2 design and features

The Marauder Mark 2 can accommodate two people in the front cockpit and up to eight fully equipped soldiers in its rear section.

It features multiple enhancements such as improved driver ergonomics, universal hull adaptability, as well as increased crew capability, comfort and vehicle performance.

The renewed design includes interchangeable dashboard modules and steering wheel components.

The design flexibility enables the vehicle to be manufactured in either left or right-hand drive configurations, from the same hull on the same production line.

Left-hand drive versions can be transformed into right-hand drive and vice versa within two hours to meet operational requirements of the customer in the battlefield.

The vehicle’s upgraded operator interface is also expected to enhance its functionality in rugged conditions, while reducing driver and crew fatigue.

Improvements in design and features are expected to provide significant advantages to forces in the battlefield and in asymmetrical warfare.

The company also incorporated efficiencies in the manufacturing process to increase the speed of production and deliveries to customers.

Mission capabilities

Marauder Mark 2 can be integrated with weapon systems to provide different configurations, such as armoured personnel carrier (APC) or infantry combat vehicle.

The improvements in the driver interface will provide enhanced performance in rugged and remote theatres of operation. It can be deployed in missions such as counter-insurgency, peacekeeping, border patrol, and national defence.

The armoured vehicle can be used for both long-range or quick response operations, due to the availability of additional fuel tanks, water and combat supplies. It can operate in extreme conditions ranging between -20°C and +50°C.

It can be equipped with day/night vision devices and additional sensors to support round-the-clock operations.

The Marauder can be airlifted using platforms such as the C130 military transport aircraft and Chinook vertical-lift multi-mission helicopter.


Marauder Mark 2 features an improvised explosive device (IED) and mine-protected double-skinned monocoque hull, which provides STANAG Level 3 kinetic energy (KE) protection.

It features enhanced mine and ballistic protection to provide increased safety for the crew.

It can withstand up to 8kg trinitrotoluene (TNT) exploding under the hull and 14kg TNT under any wheel, ensuring no injuries to the crew.

The anti-blast seats provide protection from a side blast or mine blast under the hull. The ground clearance provides off-road mobility and crew protection.

Engine and mobility

The Marauder multi-role mine-protected armoured vehicle is powered by a 285hp turbo-diesel engine mated to an automatic transmission system.

The vehicle features air-operated differential locks at the front, rear and centre. It has an air-operated disk brake mechanism with anti-lock braking system.

It can ford a depth of up to 900mm and cross a ditch of 850mm. It can negotiate a side slope of more than 35% and a gradient of more than 60%. It can climb steps of 500mm height.

The maximum speed of the vehicle is about 110km/h.