The Lazar 2 8x8 multi-role armoured vehicle was unveiled at Partner International Fair of Defense Systems and Equipment in June 2013. Image courtesy of Srđan Popović.
Lazar 2 has a total of 12 firing posts. Image courtesy of Srđan Popović.
The maximum operating weight of Lazar 2 is 28t. Image courtesy of Srđan Popović.
The Lazar 2 combat vehicle has a speed of approximately 100km/h. Image courtesy of Srđan Popović.
The troop compartment is equipped with two rear doors. Image courtesy of Srđan Popović.

Lazar 2 8x8 multi-role armoured vehicle

The new-generation Lazar 2 8×8 multi-role armoured vehicle designed and manufactured by Serbian defence company YugoImport-SDPR was unveiled at the Partner International Fair of Defense Systems and Equipment held in Belgrade, Serbia, in June 2013.

The vehicle is designed to fight against armoured fighting vehicles, main battle tanks and bunkers. It offers enhanced crew survivability from enemy ambushes, anti-tank mines and improvised explosives devices.

Lazar 2 can be configured for a variety of modern infantry and special operation missions, including asymmetric warfare, anti-terrorism, peacekeeping and medium-level armed conflicts.

The vehicle took part in a defence exhibition held in Nikinci, Serbia, in April 2015.

Design and features of Lazar 2 multi-role armoured vehicle

Based on Lazar BTR-SR-8808 mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle, the enhanced Lazar 2 offers high-mobility and is operable in all terrain conditions.

"Lazar 2 can be configured for a variety of modern infantry and special operation missions."

The vehicle is 7.82m-long, 2.85m-wide and 2.32m-high and has a wheel base of 2.43m and a maximum operating weight of 28t.

The combat vehicle accommodates two crew members, including a driver and a commander. Designed in compliance with MIL-STD 1472, the armoured infantry squad compartment seats up to ten infantrymen in foldable, roof-hanged, shock-mitigation seats, which ensure seating comfort and security for personnel, even on off-road terrains.

Two side-opening rear doors combined with a ramp allow infantrymen to quickly enter and exit the vehicle. A total of 12 firing posts, including five on both sides of the vehicle and two on the rear doors, are provided. The vehicle also features ballistic glass windows on both sides.

Armament of Lazar 2 vehicle

The roof-mounted, remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS) is fitted with a 30mm M86 automatic cannon with double-feed mechanism, an anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) launcher, and a 7.62mm M86 coaxial machine gun. Up to six smoke grenade launcher tubes provide self-protection.

The 2.99m-long, 198kg, gas-operated, 30mm automatic gun is used against ground targets such as manpower, and lightly-armoured and aerial targets, including helicopters and low-flying aircraft. It can be fired at elevation angles between -7º and 65º and has a rate of fire between 550 and 650 rounds a minute.

Protection features

The Lazar 2 armoured vehicle offers its occupants with high, all-round, add-on STANAG 4569 Level 4 ballistic protection, STANAG 4569 Level 2A and 2B anti-mine protection, STANAG 4569 Level 3A and 3B additional anti-mine protection, and STANAG 4317 fireproof.

The lightweight, multi-role RAM MK3 armoured vehicle is designed and built by Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) Ramta division.

The hull is protected up to STANAG 4569 Level 2. An advanced life support system (LSS) installed in the vehicle offers protection against nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) threats.

Observation, fire control and guidance

The Lazar 2 military vehicle is fitted with a computerised fire control system, which allows acquisition and engagement of targets while on the move. A telescopic sight and an eye-safe laser rangefinder provide the commander with maximum field of view and target distance during the day.

Other optoelectronics fitted to the vehicle include a night channel thermal-imaging camera and a high-resolution CCD TV camera.

An onboard, semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) guidance system provides guidance for the Malyutka (-2T and -2F) anti-tank missile. It is composed of an elevation tracking servo system, guidance electronics, optoelectronic unit, launcher interface and power supply.

Lazar 2 propulsion and performance

Driven by a four-stroke, turbocharged Cummins ISM500 diesel engine, the Lazar 2 armoured vehicle can travel at a speed of approximately 100km/h and has a range of 800km. Each engine has six V-laid cylinders and four valves a cylinder.

The combat vehicle is fitted with hydraulic servo-wheel and adjustable steering wheel. Its independent suspension system offers high off-road mobility.