The Lazar BTR-SR-8808 MRAP on display at "Partner 2009" military fair.
A model of the Lazar.
The Lazar can be armed with a Malyutka ATGM subsystem.

Lazar BTR-SR-8808 Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected Vehicle

The Lazar BTR-SR-8808 is an 8×8 multi-purpose armoured vehicle designed to perform multi-theatre missions during armed conflicts.

The Lazar mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle (MRAP) was unveiled by Yugoimport-SDPR in 2008.

The vehicle combines the features of an MRAP class vehicle with certain characteristics of the multi-role armoured vehicle class.It offers high mobility, armour protection, fire power, and troop transport in a single platform.

The Lazar can be deployed in anti-terrorist or counter-guerrilla operations and peacekeeping missions. The vehicle is suitable for urban conditions, inhabited areas and cross-country environments, and is effective against enemy ambushes, anti-tank mines and improvised explosive devices.

Lazar MRAP design and features

Based on TAM 150 T7 vehicle design, the Lazar incorporates a V-shaped hull and armour-piercing steel body. The armoured body is designed to allow for the quick installation of additional armour without degrading the basic functions of the vehicle.

"The Lazar
BTR-SR-8808 offers high mobility, armour protection, fire power and troop transport – all in a single platform vehicle."

The crew compartment accommodates a commander, a driver and a weapons operator. The rear section accommodates ten troops, in two rows of five sitting back-to-back, facing the sides of the vehicle. Folding seats attached to the vehicle roof allow easier crew circulation and provide added crew protection against effects of blasts under the vehicle.

The passenger compartment features large windows of ballistic glass for observation; firing ports, allowing the vehicles occupants to use their personal weapons, are situated below the lookout ports.

The crew enter and exit the vehicle through a rear door. There are also two side doors, plus two emergency roof hatches. The space between driver’s and commander’s compartment and crew area serves as storage bay for a range of infantry weapons, launchers and portable missile systems.

Lazar BTR-SR-8808 MRAP variants

The common vehicle platform can be used to build a number of versions, including:

  • command vehicles
  • medical evacuation vehicles
  • logistic support (cargo) vehicles
  • engineering or recovery vehicles
  • mine clearing vehicles.

The basic model can be modified to mount various weapon systems including a 120mm self-propelled mortar, a self-propelled artillery piece cal. 122/155mm, artillery, rockets or hybrid artillery/rockets, or an air defence system.

Observation and control

The Lazar is equipped with command information system for command, control, communication and navigational purposes. Panoramic optoelectronic reconnaissance-observation station includes a CCD TV camera, a thermal-imaging camera and a laser range-finder.


The space behind the driver and the commander, and forward of the troop compartment accommodates weapon systems. The vehicle can be optionally fitted with turret/weapon station/gun-mount for housing a 12.7mm M87 machine-gun, coaxial 7.62mm M84/M86 machine-gun, 20mm M55 automatic cannon, ATGM subsystem Malyutka, 30mm M86/ M87 automatic gun, 30mm M93 gun and four smoke-pot launchers under various configurations.

The turret/weapon station/gun-mount weighs between 400kg and 2t. Its diameter ranges between 640mm and 1600mm based on the allied armament.


The V-shaped armoured body can withstand the explosions of antitank mines and improvised explosive devices beneath the vehicle wheels and vehicle floor.

"The V-shaped armoured body can withstand the explosions of anti-tank mines and other devices."

The armour piercing steel body is complemented by ballistic glass, and provides ballistic protection to STANAG 4569 standard of grade III+ (12.7x108mm b-32 from 100m) on the front of the vehicle and grade II on all other sides.

Additional armour can be fitted on the top of the basic armour, providing ballistic protection of grade V on the front of the vehicle, and grade IV on all other sides. The reactive explosive armour system attached on combined additional armour protects the crew against RPG-7 class weapons.


The Lazar is powered by 400-440hp diesel engine coupled to a mechanical synchronised gearbox. The vehicle can be optionally fitted with automatic gearbox. Two 24V batteries are installed for onboard electricity.


The high-mobility 8×8 chassis, with 2×2 tandem axles, leaf springs and shock absorbers, provides high level of protection against anti-tank mines and improvised explosive devices, while offering high manoeuvrability on different terrain.

The vehicle is equipped with central tyre pressure regulation system, and run-flat inserts can be optionally installed into the wide profiled tyre, allowing the vehicle to move even when the tyres are damaged. The pneumatic, dual circuit brakes are equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS), which provides excellent control when travelling on the steep and uneven surfaces.