The Military Utility Vehicle (MUV 4×4) is designed to fulfil a wide variety of mission objectives. Credit: Iveco Defence Vehicles.
IDV will supply 400 MUV 4×4 type vehicles to the Swedish Armed Forces. Credit: Iveco Defence Vehicles.
The Austrian Armed Forces received the first MUV 4×4 Tactical Communication Network (TCN) vehicle from IDV in March 2024. Credit: Iveco Defence Vehicles.

The Military Utility Vehicle (MUV 4×4 Type) is a purpose-built, durable and manoeuvrable vehicle developed by Iveco Defence Vehicles (IDV), an Italian company specialising in military vehicle manufacturing and part of the Iveco Group, to fulfil a wide variety of mission objectives.

The MUV meets military and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) standards and leverages synergies with advanced industrial components.

In June 2023, IDV entered a nine-year framework agreement with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration to potentially deliver 3,000 light multi-purpose vehicles (LMPV) of the MUV 4×4 configuration.

IDV will first supply 400 light vehicles to the Swedish Armed Forces under a deal worth Skr850m ($78.9m). The framework agreement spans from 2023 to 2027, with the possibility of extending it for an additional five years.

IDV, in conjunction with Iveco Austria and bodybuilder EMPL, is set to deliver a total of 185 MUV units to the Austrian Armed Forces by the end of 2025 under an initial contract signed in 2020.

The Austrian Armed Forces received the first MUV 4×4 Tactical Communication Network (TCN) vehicle from IDV in March 2024.

Military utility vehicle design and development details

The MUV 4×4 is the successor of the M40E15-WM purpose-built vehicle, 18,000 units of which have been sold worldwide.

The MUV platform features a purpose-built, high-yield steel frame and is designed to seamlessly integrate 12 different LMPV versions, providing a flexible and modular range of vehicles with multiple options for gross vehicle weight (GVW), chassis, cab, engine and driveline configurations.

The different LMPV versions include troop transport, medical variants, communication units, logistics vehicles, and dog transport models.

The vehicle’s configurations, such as vans, single and double cabs, and rolling chassis, have been specifically designed to meet a wide range of needs. The vehicles can transport and quickly deploy up to 14 passengers along with equipment.

The incorporation of commercial off-the-shelf main assemblies, including the gearbox, engine and cabin, guarantees exceptional performance, dependability and ergonomics while decreasing the vehicle’s logistical footprint due to the high number of shared components.

The adaptability of the MUV is further improved by the availability of additional armour protection as needed.

The MUVs can achieve a top speed of 110km/h. With a GVW capacity of up to 7t, the vehicle is engineered to provide a maximum payload of 4t.

It also includes a blackout lighting system, a front winch, front and rear towing eyes, a run-flat system, weapon holders and a heavy-duty front bumper (bull-bar).


The MUV can achieve enhanced mobility through a permanent 4×4 drive featuring lockable differentials at the centre, front and rear, along with a power take-off-equipped transfer case.

The vehicles ensure better mobility, compatibility with military fuels and adaptability to various terrains and climates, and can be customised to include preeminent electromagnetic compatibility.

An independent front suspension system with a torsion bar provides balanced off-road mobility, handling and reliability.

The MUV also includes an externally controlled tyre inflation system, an electronic stability programme and an anti-lock braking system to improve the vehicle’s performance.


The engine is designed for challenging conditions and can function in temperatures as low as -32°C and as high as +49°C, while being compatible with NATO fuels.

The engines from FTP, an Italian manufacturer of diesel and petrol engines, come in EURO III and EURO VI variants, delivering either 150hp or 180hp.

The engines can be paired with either a six-speed manual gearbox from FPT or an eight-speed automatic gearbox with a torque converter.

The MUV is equipped with a 12V main circuit and a 24V secondary circuit powered by a DC/DC converter.

The electrical system is dual-purpose, catering to both civilian and military applications. It features two batteries (12V-110Ah) with a main switch, as well as 12V and 24V sockets, a 24V sleeve start socket, and a 12-pole socket for rear towing in compliance with NATO requirements.

The MUV features a radiator, an engine oil sump and transfer, a case guard and a metallic engine bonnet.

MUV variants

The MUV chassis/crew cab vehicle is available with wheelbases ranging between 3,080mm and 4,175mm.

The overall length of MUV chassis/crew cab vehicles ranges between 4,971mm and 6,846mm, while the width is 2,075mm and the height is 2,458mm.

The MUV van variant is available in wheelbases ranging from 3,595mm to 4,175mm. The overall length of the MUV van ranges between 5,590mm and 7,175mm, while its overall height ranges between 2,470mm and 3,130mm.

The MUV special forces vehicles are available with a wheelbase of 3,780mm. Their overall length is 5,770mm, while the overall height is 2,350mm.