The Egyptian armoured personnel carrier (APC) Fahd during UNOSOM in Somalia. Image courtesy of Ctsnow.
Fahd APC transporting Egyptian Military Police in Alexandria. Image courtesy of Gigi Ibrahim.
Fahd APC of the Economic Community Military Observation Group (ECOMOG). Image courtesy of Paul R Caron, US Air Force.
Fahd can be optionally armed with MILAN anti-tank guided missiles. Image courtesy of David Monniaux.

Fahd 4x4 Armoured Personnel Carrier

The Fahd 4×4 wheeled armoured personnel carrier (APC) is built by the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) in Egypt. Fahd replaced the ageing BTR-40 and Walid APCs of the Egyptian Army.

Fahd was originally designed as the TH 390 by Germany-based company Thyssen Henschel (now Rheinmetall Landsysteme) for the Egyptian Army. The prototype vehicles were initially built in Germany.

“Fahd is a four wheel-drive multipurpose armoured vehicle. It demonstrates excellent cross-country mobility.”

The production was subsequently transferred to the Kader Factory for Developed Industries, which is a part of AOI. Production began in 1985 and the first batch of vehicles was built for the Egyptian Army by 1986.

Fahd has been exported to Algeria, Kuwait, Iraq, Bangladesh, Oman, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The vehicles are also operated by the United Nations, for peacekeeping missions. More than 1,500 Fahd armoured vehicles have been produced to date.

Fahd armoured personnel carrier variants

The base variant of Fahd is the armoured personnel carrier. The flexible design allowed the manufacturers to develop a range of mission variants such as a personnel carrier with light turret, an armoured fighting vehicle, command-post vehicle, mine dispensing vehicle, ambulance vehicle, recovery and repair vehicle and anti-riot vehicle.

The Fahd variants currently under production are largely based on the latest production model Fahd 240. The original Fahd vehicles of the Egyptian Army were also upgraded to this latest standard.

Fahd APC design and features

The box-type armoured hull of all-welded steel is based on the chassis of a Mercedes-Benz 1117/32 4×4 truck. The forward armoured cab accommodates a driver and a commander.

The commander has a rear-opening hatch cover, while the driver has a roof-mounted day periscope for observation. The day periscope can be substituted with a passive periscope for night driving.

The troop compartment in the rear provides seating for up to ten troops. The troops can enter and exit the vehicle via a door in the rear.

The troop compartment is provided with two roof hatches and four firing ports with vision blocks. Fahd can carry a payload of 10t. It can be modified to serve different purposes such as internal security, mine-laying and command operations.

Armaments and weaponry onboard

The roof can be fitted with different types of turrets to mount a variety of weapons, ranging from 7.62mm machine guns to 20mm cannons. The APC variant can be optionally armed with MILAN anti-tank guided missiles to defend against ground based threats. The vehicles fitted with BTM-208 turrets can carry a 12.7mm machine gun and a 7.62mm machine gun.

The vehicle can be armed to fight against battle tanks, armoured vehicles, low flying aircraft, helicopters and armed forces. It can accurately engage the targets from a stationary position, on the move, during day or night.

Self-protection and armour

Fahd can protect the crew from 7.62mm calibre armour piercing rounds and shell splinters. The highest level of protection is ensured by the sloped angles of the hull.

The all apertures are fitted with armoured glass covered by armoured shutters. The vehicle is optionally installed with an NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) protection system.


Fahd APC is powered by a Mercedes Benz OM 366 LA 4-stroke turbo charged water cooled diesel engine developing 280hp at 2,200rpm. The engine provides a maximum speed of 100km/h on-road and a range of up to 700km. The vehicle has an average off-road speed of 65km/h and a range of 450km.


“Fahd was originally designed as the TH 390 by Germany-based company Thyssen Henschel.”

Fahd is a four wheel-drive multipurpose armoured vehicle. It demonstrates excellent cross-country mobility in different climate conditions.

The tyre-pressure control system fitted on the vehicle allows the operations over different types of terrains.

The vehicle can negotiate a maximum vertical slope of 70% and side slope of 30%. It can cross a trench of up to 0.8m width and vertical obstacle of 0.5m. The vehicle can ford a depth of 0.7m without preparation.

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