DMV Anaconda armoured vehicle was developed by Deba Trucks. Image courtesy of Deba Bedrijfswagens B.V.
DMV Anaconda is based on the Iveco Daily commercial truck. Image courtesy of Deba Bedrijfswagens B.V.
The vehicle has a maximum speed of 110km/h. Image courtesy of Deba Bedrijfswagens B.V.
DMV Anaconda is in service with the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (RNMC). Image courtesy of Deba Bedrijfswagens B.V.

The Dutch Military Vehicles (DMV) Anaconda is a new armoured vehicle designed and built by Deba Bedrijfswagens (Deba Trucks), a military vehicle manufacturer based in the Netherlands.

The armoured vehicle was officially launched by Deba Trucks in 2018. It aims to address the troop carrier, patrol, and maritime mission requirements of the armed and naval forces of the Netherlands.

A contract was placed by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MoD) with Deba Trucks for the delivery of 46 Anaconda light military vehicles.

The vehicles were customised in accordance with the requirements of the Royal Netherlands Navy (CZSK) and the Defense Materiel Organization (DMO).

DMV Anaconda armoured vehicle was personally exhibited to the DMO in November 2018. The first batch of 36 vehicles was delivered to the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (RNMC) in January 2019. The vehicles will be deployed at the disposal of Netherland forces in Dutch Antilles.

DMV Anaconda armoured vehicle design and features

Anaconda is based on the industry-proven design of Iveco Daily, a light commercial vehicle developed by Iveco. It features a compact design with a 4×4 wheel-drive configuration. Developed using indigenous technologies, the vehicle can be configured to meet the combat-specific requirements of defence forces.

The vehicle’s power-plant is positioned in the front, followed by the crew compartment and the troop section. Anaconda’s rugged chassis holds a reinforced militarised hull and ensures smooth operation in multiple demographic conditions and rough terrains.

The forward hull of the vehicle is designed to reflect its Anaconda name. It protrudes forward to form a head-like structure, while headlights further add to its resemblance of a snake.

A two-piece windshield is fitted to the crew cab, which offers enhanced situational awareness to the on-board crew members.

The crew compartment offers seating for two crew members, while the troop section also houses two seats to accommodate two dismounted troops and is door-free to enable rapid deployment of troops.

Anaconda’s passenger carrying capacity can be extended to nine, depending on the mission requirements.

It measures 5.27m-long, 2.26m-wide and 2.27m-high and has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 6,100kg, which can be optionally increased to 7,100kg. The vehicle has a ground clearance of 50cm, enabling it to overcome obstacles easily.

Armament and self-protection features of DMV Anaconda

The open architecture of the DMV Anaconda allows the operators to equip it with a range of ammunition. It features multiple weapon mounts to accommodate machine guns.

The right section of the windshield is removed to facilitate the installation of a machine gun. The open roof top enables a gunner to operate a 7.62mm or a 12.7mm heavy machine gun from the vehicle.

Anaconda protects the on-board crew and troops from small arms fire, shells, and splinters.

DMV Anaconda engine and performance

DMV Anaconda is equipped with a 3l diesel engine with a maximum power production capacity of 180hp. The maximum torque generation capacity of the engine is 430Nm. The engine is coupled to an eight-speed, fully-automatic drivetrain.

The vehicle can attain a maximum speed of 110km/h and a maximum range of 1,000km.

The mobility features of the vehicle are further enhanced by front and rear differential lock and suspension systems. The vehicle can ford water obstacles with a maximum depth of 70cm.